Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Benefanatics: Join Benefit's Hi, San Francisco! Online Contest

Are you a Benefit addict like me? Then consider this contest. I swear I'd do this if it weren't for the number of tasks I have to accomplish this week! Hopefully, I find time this weekend!

I can see myself portraying the a Professional Benebabe! I am loving my work life right now that I feel so good in a blazer, a bit of Benetint on my cheeks and Stay Don't Stray primer and concealer to brighten my eyes and prevent my shadows from creasing.

C'mon, join this contest and let's become certified Benebabe!

Besides, the prize isn't so bad... heck, it's fanta-bulous! A makeover from Maggie and Annie Ford of Benefit! The legacy of Benefit will be the one to give you a true-blue Benefit look!! Aaaahhhmazing! Oh and there's a photoshoot even!

Gosh! I seriously want to join... I gotta find time to visit Greenbelt 5!! Just because I don't I have time to make a video. Lol!

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Real Beauty Basics Blog | Dove's New Beauty Hub

Real Beauty Basics | A Dove Beauty Blog

I admit, I still pop my pimples and pick on my whiteheads and blackheads when no one is looking. It's a bad habit and a major no-no. But here I am baring my heart out to you.

When I received a heads up on the new website/blog of Dove Philippines, I wandered on to a page that tackled my worst enemies, Comedones! Yup, comedones are those icky disgusting blackheads and whiteheads that clog up my pores.

As a beauty blogger who is always reading beauty articles and beauty blogs, I can confidently say that I know my way around comedones... especially that I have too many! Ewww!!

But for those who are still unsure about what they are or if they have it, head on over to the Real Beauty Basics | A Dove and on their article on Blackheads and Whiteheads.

Black or White: What's the Difference

What I like about the article is that it tells you how to spot the difference between whiteheads from blackheads, how it came to be, how to treat it and prevent it. It's very concise and it has a lot of helpful tips and tricks. It's not your usual beauty blog like yours truly but it does give a lot of beauty knowledge. I love that it is also not so hardsell on their products.

So, taking on the tips I read on the Dove Real Beauty Basics, I am trying my darnest best not to get rid of my blackies and whities on my own. Oh! What a challenge! Le sigh...

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big Sister Talk: How To Love Without The Drama

While I was driving, a John Mayer song came on the radio and i was transported to the days that I was utterly emo crazy and what I could admit now, "In Love with Love". I remember those days I always thought that being in a relationship was the same things as those that I read from my romance novels. Boy, those were the days! 

Let me tell you, there was a time I was more addicted to to being swept off my feet and always being in a dramatic relationship that I was in makeup!

Relationship is a big compromise. It's not all about a Cinderalla story where in one had to take the punches before you get the happily ever after. Sometimes, it doesn't even have to so hard. It doesn't have to be all drama.

Many can attest that I did kiss a lot of boys. Not that i regretted them (although I did on some), I realized that I had to change a few (ha!) things about me so that I can really make a relationship work. It's not about flowers and candies, dates and vacays, hugs and kisses that build a lasting relationship. Sometimes, it's those little things you think is unimportant that makes all the difference.

I didn't realize loving was easy and being with someone doesn't have to be so much of an effort after i changed a few things on how I react when I'm in a relationship.

1) Respect His Privacy

You don't need to know what else is hidden underneath his underwear drawer. Don't even think of touching his phone (Yes, even if he's okay with it). Respecting boundaries is important. This implies unwavering and unquestionable trust you have for each other.

2) No to too much texting

SMS'ing "Good Morning!" and "Enjoy your lunch." and those spontaneous "I love you's" are sweet. but downright texting him all the time can be annoying (Yes, even if he says it's okay!). And same goes for not  to always asking where he is or tracking him!

What you can do instead: Go old school and write him a nice love letter every week. It's not intrusive in his school or work time and you can even turn this into a tradition.

3) Respect the Boys

Our guys have friends like we do. But that doesn't mean we like them. There will be some a-holes here and there. Hard as this may be, you need to take these jerks along with your guy. As long they are not crossing any line, a smile wouldn't hurt. Your guy will appreciate the tolerance. And he'll do the same for you.

4) Don't just say "Fine!"

Hard as this may be to accept, guys can't read our minds. Even when you think that the stars and the moon aligned just for the two of you and even if you feel that your heart is beating as one. No, he can't tell what you're thinking. Let's get over this and move on. Guys, seriously are very practical. He's not that guy in 500 Days of Summer. And believe me, you wouldn't want a sappy guy like that. So, just tell him your thoughts (with a bit of femininity still) and stop him from second-guessing you.

There is nothing wrong with suggesting what restaurant to go to next or telling him exactly what you want for your birthday. It's actually helpful!

5) Flatter him.

Guys and girls may be poles apart but when it comes to flattery, we are nearly cut from the same cloth. Does he work out? Notice his biceps and give it a compliment. Why not even give it a squeeze? If he good at his job, ask him how work was. Does he enjoy driving and loves to take you out? Then avoid giving him directions and just enjoy the ride. Recognize his strengths and compliment them. Like us, guys also want to know they are appreciated.

6) Give him A for Effort when it merits.

Sometimes, a guy will go out of his way to read your thoughts but fail miserably. Give him A for effort and appreciate that tacky neon green shoes he got in the wrong size. You can slowly and discreetly show him things you like in the future but not when he's too much caught in the emotion of giving you something that he was really proud of.

7) Don't let your world revolve around him and your relationship

Hard as this may be when you feel all the emotions running through you, it is important that you don't think that you are joined in the hips. Don't neglect your girl friends. Still find time for them. Don't consider work or school as something that keeps you two apart. You still have goals to conquer on your own that doesn't necessarily involves him being around constantly.

I notice that guys are attracted to independent women. Believe me, if he wants the attention... he'll tell you. Find time to pursue other things that don't concern him. it could blogging, going to the gym or a pole-dancing class. Only a handful of guys like girls who clamors after them. Most of them, want someone who is as driven as they are.

8) Know when to shut-up.

Guys can't read our mind, yes. But that doesn't mean you have to rattle on everything. Specially when fighting, know how to choose your battles. You don't always have to pursue a fight with your guy. If he's late in picking you up or forgot your anniversarry, that doesn't always have to imply an argument. Sometimes, silence is the good solution.

9) Don't go running to your girl friends whenever you two have a fight.

This is a no-no in my book. As long as you two have yet to resolve your disagreement, don't run to your friends for anything. Your friends will always have your best interest and wouldn't want to see you hurt. You can be partial to your hurt feelings and could say terrible things about your guy that you could regret.

Always make an effort to resolve your issues first before sharing them outside your relationship. You don't want your friends to think differently of your guy the next time they see them, right?

10) You need to take the "friend" part in the Girlfriend seriously.

So sometimes, take sweetness out in the equation and give me some serious talking. You can be straight with him if you think he's acting like an a-hole or a jerk or that he's not treating his family or friend well. You need to be there for him when he's down and in trouble. You must have the guts to talk sense into him and he's up being crazy. You are not just a shoulder to cry one but someone who can truly be honest with him.

Relationship is not all about sweet nothings and "where na you's". It is a lot of work. But when you love someone, you won't even notice how hard it is.

You still need to be your own person even when you think you found someone to complete you... 

When a man meets the woman he wants and needs to spend the rest of his life with, he'll let you know if it's you. That is how they are made of.

I hope this post makes sense for those who thinks that love will never find them or in constant battle in their relationship.

My own relationship with my guy is a work in progress, even 6 long years down the road. We both made a lot of mistakes, have made each other cry... but one thing I can attest to is that no one can break my heart unless I allow them. So far, the guy I gave it to isn't giving me a reason to take it back. And that's a nice thing to know.... something I know I don't need to second-guess myself.

God bless!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Add Color To Your Makeup. It's Easy | Clinique Chubby Stick

Happy Friday...

Another great end of work week. But bad news hovered toward the end of mine. Another member of the family has gone to the Heavens. I'm hanging by a thread. Sometimes good people just get to be with Him sooner... I just wish it doesn't have to be this soon to lose another loved one...

But despite everything, I know we must move on... work and blogging has been a great distraction. I love how I have blogging to run to whenever there's something bad going on in my life. Writing what you love and  know really ease a broken heart.

And so we go back to regular programming...

Clinique Chubby Stick | Super Strawberry

Adding color to your makeup? Yes, it's as easy as a lipstick!

Sometimes, it doesn't even have to be a lipstick... It can be a chubby stick. A marriage between lipstick and lip balm. Clinique made this cute crayon-like moisturizing lip colour balm to give us a reason not to sacrifice color for care.

Known for its relaxed natural sophistication, Clinique is dipping its fancy toes into colour for years now and this summer, it's becoming a lot bolder. And I'm loving it. But for those who love the brands' clean pristine character, adding color doesn't mean going wilder.

Incorporate a sweet yet bright shade lip balm like the Clinique Super Strawnberry Chubby Stick into your look. Don't shy away from vivid colors that gives a burst of shade that still looks natural... :)

What I would call, your lips but brighter and of course, softer!

Clinique Chubby Stick | Super Strawberry

Clinique Chubby Stick | Super Strawberry

Now that Valentine is rearing its head, give focus to your lips. Give him a reason to stare at your luscious lips and make him wonder how he's been holding back asking you out.

For guys who hates makeup on their girlfriend, trick him with this as he'd be none the wiser. Rather he'd be wondering if you did something special as you look different. Good different. Wink! Wink!

As for me, I'm not confident about my chappy dry smoked out lips. I always need color but lipstick can take its toll on the puckers so this is a great option, same as my other tinted lip balms.

Clinique Chubby Stick | Super Strawberry

So search in your vanity for the nice pigmented lip balm and add some color to your makeup.

Tip: Don't have one and don't have the budget? Grind a bit of your blush and mix it in with your balm. Just dab it with your fingers for that natural effect.

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Clinique Chubby Sticks are available at all C;inique counters in Rustan's Department Stores.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aria Cucina Italiana opens in Manila on January 28!

Who here doesn't know about Aria probably haven't been to Boracay. You really can't miss this laid back Italian resto, located at the middle of the plush beachfront of Bora.

I remember that for most time that I go to Boracay, we find ourselves munching on wood-fire baked pizza and aldente pasta from this restaurant. And it's now opening in Manila on January 28, 2012 at Bonifacio High Street! Isn't that great news?

Dining with friends at Aria before heading back to MNL the next day.

Lunch Time at Aria Boracay before going back to Manila

I notice that we always reserve going to Aria just before the end of our trip. Maybe it's because we wanted the relaxed surrounding and hearty meal before before we go back to the chaos that is Manila.

Great news, everyone! To entice you further, let Aria Cucina Italiana take you back (or if it's your first time, take you) to Boracay, one of the Philippines famous and well-loved island! I love this island so much that I am really encouraging you to join this contest!

How to join?

Go to Aria's Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/AriaCucinaItaliana) and click LIKE!
Type in your answer to this question: Tell us why you need to know the secret to Aria's famous pizza.
And Follow Aria on Twitter (www.twitter.com/AriaCucina)

Contest will run from January 05, 2012 until February 05, 2012.

Winners will be announce on February 10, 2012.

Now, who here wants to go to Boracay?

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Makeup Review | KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation (with video demo)

KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation in OC-B
Last Spring 2011, Kate of Kanebo came out with their Mineral Makup line which has been earning tons of raves from my fellow beuty bloggers here and abroad. It came to our beautiful plush tropical country near fall of last year (September 2011).

I've had this for awhile but have not been using it since I thought it was too light for my skin tone. It was only now that I'm working that I realize I need to use something appropriate for everyday use.

My needs for a foundation at work is as follows:
  • Good coverage
  • Can last an 8 hour shift with minor retouching
  • Will keep my skin matte as I get oily even in a fully-airconditioned room
  • Lightweight enough for everyday use.
Of course I'm reaching for the moon with my work foundation needs. Surprisingly though, Kate Mineral Liquid Foundation worked really well  for me and met most of my requirements since I started using it last week.

  • It has good coverage and it evens out my skin's redness especially after applying my salicylic base toner. It does not, however, conceal severe dark spots, cystic pimples and other blemishes.
  • It lasts up to 4 hours without budging but with retouch of a good powder foundation, none is the wiser.
  • It's mattifying up until the sun hits my face and it produces oilies from the change of temperature.
  • It is lightweight as most mineral liquid foundations goes.
Here's a video review I did and a demo on how I apply the Kate Mineral Liquid Foundation

My skin's current had changed as of the past two days.
  • My face is starting to peel right now from when I had Easy Peel procedure done two days ago at Flawless.
Kate Mineral Liquid Foundation helped in evening my skin tone but fails to cover the darken parts of my face due to the chemical peel. Although i don't really recommend for anyone to use a foundation when undergoing skin peeling, for those time it can't be helped, foundation that are safe for the skin like Mienral Liquid Foundations and BB Creams are best used during these times.

This liquid makeup comes in 20g tube that is convenient for travelling. The squeeze tube makes it easy to 
apply and dispenses out the amount you need. I amount the same amount as you see in the photo below.
KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation

I try to apply it with hands so I can warm it and make sure it really blends on to my skin. I also concentrate on parts of my face that needs coverage which basically the center part like sides of my nose, under eyes, cheeks and chin.

So far, I have not experienced any skin reaction and have been liking the results coverage-wise.

If you have dry skin, you can treat this like a BB Cream and use this alone or on top of a hydrating powder makeup. I think KATE also have a compact foundation powder.

Normal to combination, concentrate only to the parts that needs coverage and where you tend to oil up the most. Then, set with foundation.

Oily skin needs to set this with powder makeup and may need to retouch in a few hours. (see video above for demo) 

Swatch photos coming right up!
KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation in OC-B

KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation in OC-B

KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation in OC-B

Overall, I like the effects and feel of it against skin and may be buying another tube if this rans out. That is if I haven't discovered a new liquid makeup just yet. Hehehe! But no worries since this one will very well last me  for a couple of months.

So if you are looking for something that easy on the skin, within reasonable pricing and travel-friendly, try visiting KATE at SM Department Stores. :)

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tech Tuesday: L'oreal White Perfect Micro-Vibration 3-in-1 Eye Brightener

L'oreal White Perfect Micro-Vibration 3-in-1 Brightener

Just in! I got a sample for review of the the White Perfect Micro-Vibration 3 in 1 Eye Brightener. And who wouldn't want some nifty beauty gadget, right?

L'oreal White Perfect Micro-Vibration 3-in-1 Brightener
I couldn't believe the amount of undereye baggies I've acquired in just few weeks of less than 5 hours of sleep. It's quite obvious and I'm very bothered with it. I do have some quick remedies that I do at home to further prevent them from worsening like applying cucumber on my eyes before going to bed. Applying ice over my undereyes over the weekend and drinking lots of fluids. Of course, I also apply eye creams that I've accumualted on my vanity.

But for those of you are having the same undereye dilemma as I am, here's something worth looking into. It's the L'oreal White Perfect 3 in 1 Eye Brightener. I put in a category of Tech Tuesday because of its ingenious micro-vibrating tool!

Its a two-step skin care product in combating your underyes problem. From puffy eyes, dark circles and spots. Here's how i apply it.,

L'oreal White Perfect Micro-Vibration 3-in-1 Brightener | Step 1

Step 1: Apply the White Perfect eye cream with brigthening complex and Tourmaline Gemstone to help reduce dark circle and spots on the lower eye contour. Make sure the product is distributed evenly without tugging the skin.

This has three main ingredients that have been raved about from their other White Perfect line:

  • Melanin Vanish: Anti-spots and intense brightening; 1 Drop, 10x more powerful 
  • Tourmaline Gemstone: Anti-dulleness;  Stimulates micro-circulation
  • Caffeine: Anti-eye bags; Reference ingredient for eye products for its draining and decongesting action

Step 2: Remove protective Cap and turn on the vibrating massager. Divide undereyes into 5 sections. Starting in the middle moving inward and then outward. 

Take note: Do not move it sideways, just press it gently into the points since the skin around this area ismore sensitive and prone to sagging.

The 130 micro-vibrasions per second helps in absorbing the eye cream and improve blood circulation around the eye area.

You'll immediately feel refresh after one application.

I'm road testing this as I write this post and have yet to conclude what this product has done for me. But so far I'm loving the micro-vibrating tool.

The cool feel of the rounded steel relaxes my eyes after spending much time in front of the computer. I also get a little bit ticklish when i press the ball on the inner corners of my undereyes.

At first try, I could really feel a difference... it's that "maaliwalas" feel around the eye area. Of course, no amount of product will work if we also don't try to take care of ourselves naturally. I'm slowly adjusting my schedule so I can get that much needed 8 hour sleep so I don't aggravate my eyebags.

I recommend this to those who spend hours upon hours in front of the comupeter as I notice that the birbarion tool helps ease the pressure around my eyes.

The great thing is this is only Php695! A very affordable 3 in 1 skincare and beauty gadget in one!

Will update you within the next two weeks if it has positive effects on my eye area. :)

Til then!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters | Tutti Frutti, Sugar Plum, Gumdrop

I knew there was something familiar the moment I got my hands on the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. It was a casual version of a the Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks. And same as the popular, much-raved about lipstick, Colorburst Lip Butter didn't fall short of expectations.

It's like the sporty stylish sister, Lip Butters seem to be low maintenance but have that pizzazz. I was scared it was going to be just like a regular lip balm and won't have much pigmentation. Thank God, it didn't.

What's great is that it is really moisturizing. Sugar Plum has quite taken over my lip balms! It hs that pigmentation that I need for a lipstick but it is also helping my skin maintain mositure inside the office wherein the aircon can dry up my lips.

Colorburst Lip Butters have an amazing selections as well. The shades are very Spring/Summer. But all very wearable as the color is buildable. This Lustre finish of MAC Lipsticks. The color payoff comes after a few application.

Tutti Frutti is sheer orange that is great for those who want to follow the trend of Spring/Summer 2012. If you are scared to rock matte or opaque orange as suggested, this is a great lip product you can try. It's a wearable orange that gives the lips a hint of it. Build color by applying more. Stay within the color family of peaches for the rest of your makeup when sporting this lip color.

Sugar Plum is the most wearable shade out of the three and what I've been using a lot lately. It has lorded over my other lip balms and quite monopolized my lips for the past few days. I am quite loving this shade as it goes with my everyday office attire. It compliments my simple makeup looks. I've also been looking for a nice purple ton lipstick much like my MAC Viva Glam VI but way more darker and redder. This fits the bill splendidly.

Gumdrop is not the most enticing shade from these three. but it has a nice sheen that is great for smokey eyes. Definitely screams avant garde. It doesn't go on as purple as the bullet suggest but it's like a purple pink. Will show you a lip swatch. I can't say this is my favorite or that I'll wear this frequently or ever. But it does have its charm.

What I love...

  • Lips smoothening properties
  • Keeps my lips soft and moisturized
  • Prevent chapping of the lips!
  • Great pigmentation, amazing for a lip butter lip product
  • These shades compliment my lips and skintone (surprisingly)
  • Comes in a see through bottle so you see the actual shade.
  • Wide range of shades available
  • The scent of mango, cocoa and shea makes me think of dessert

What I don't...

  • Hard to pop out from its cover
  • Given it's a lip butter, bullet stick isn't as sturdy
  • Price is steep Php500++

Buy this if you like great pigmentation with a nice sheen and something that keeps your lips soft and hydrated.

Skip this if you have way too many lip balms, lip products etc. and isn't really into all-in-one sort of thing.

Overall, I really like the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter. Since I get these for reviews, I didn't get a chance to choose the colors. I've researched online that they have way better shades that what I got for review so check them out. I thing many likes their red Raspberry pie, Cupcake, Creamsicle and Candy Apple. I think for the price and for the amount of product and pigmentation you're getting, you'll love these.

As for me, I'll go and visit Revlon Counters and get me some more wearable shades compared to these three. Hehehe!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Indulgent Hand and Foot Hamman Package: A Morrocan Bliss for Nail-a-holics

Anybody who lives in the vicinity of SM Hypermart Pasig probably knows that Nail-a-holics have been open for quite sometime. I've going to this place for my nail needs because its the only place I can be comfortable in and really good manicure and pedicure. Unfortunately, other nail spas near my place and those situated inside SM Hypermart falls short of my expectation. Nail spas doesn't come cheap compared to getting them at salons so I want to get all my money's worth.

And another reason I like going to Nail-a-holics is because their Hand and Foot Hammam Package! It is by far one of the best spa experience I've ever had.

What is Hammam?

Hammam is a Moroccan spa ritual that includes batting, scrubbing and exfoliating using popular Moroccan products like black olive and argan oil in an alternating hot and cold room temperatures. The Hammam is then needed with a soothing massage and a tea.

I was so excited to try this as I've been hearing really great things about argan oil and its benefits. The ritual is very simple but the products used was so rich, I left the nail spa totally moisturized and invigorated.

Lavish Foot Hamman Spa Pedicure | Php700

As always, the feet is soaked in a tub of warm water with soap. This cleanses the feet and softens it for scrubbing. Next, both my feet and legs were treated for exfoliation with dead-sea salt and olive scrub to remove dead skin. After scrubbing, Dead Sea Mud Mask was applied on to my legs. The mask stayed on till the end of my foot spa and pedicure.

Deluxe Hand Hamman Spa Manicure | Php600

Same thing goes for the hands and arms, except that the scrub used here is less coarser.

Indulgent Hand and Foot Hammam Package | Php1150

Save Php150 when you get this Hammam package.

I really feel like a Morrocan royalty getting this hand and foot spa. It is such a lovely experience to have someone fuss on you. Suffice it to say that I really enjoy this spa experience through and through. The ambience was helpful putting me in the mood. Nail-a-holics interiors always put me in a relaxing mood. Well, who wouldn't if you're a beach lover.

The place is so relaxing that I could fall asleep as they do this ritual on me. I recommend this to anyone who needs serious pampering and those with extremely dry hands and feet.

My manicurist helped me choose this nail polish from Orly, Green Apple, for both my hand and feet. It's a lovely shade of green apple as the name suggest! Oh! And polish lasted weeks two weeks on me. I just had to replace it because the growth on my nails was showing. So surprised because usually my polish would chip unless I use a nice top coat.

What I like best is that they weren't stingy with the Moroccan Argan Oil. They use the one from Cynos, called Body and Thairapy Morrocan Argan Oil. Other argan oils I've tried, the scent always put me off. But this one didn't it actually smelled spa-ish. And this one is only Php1200 for such a huge bottle.

Do look for Melody and Canze when going to Nail-a-holics SM Hypermart, they did a great job on my Hammam package. :)

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Office Makeup Tips You Can Use

Workplace is like a second home for many of us. We spend nearly half of our days inside it and we want to be as comfortable as possible. Since I'm working in a digital environment, our office attire is very casual, nearly laid back. It's not a place wherein I would need to wear too much makeup. Actually, I go to the office bare faced most of the time with just sunscreen on. I know it's a crazy idea given how much I'm addicted to wearing makeup but I like the break from piling on too much products.

Grooming ones' self for work really depends on your workplace environment.

It could be casual like our where you can wear jeans, shirt and rubbershoes.
It could be very strict to a point that the job requires you to be in business attire or in a uniform.
It could be in an artistic place that allows you to show off your creativity.

And same goes for your makeup.

Casual workplace need you not to have complete done makeup.
  • Mattify face when oilies surfaces
  • Apply concealer on your undereyes if you have dark baggies
  • And moisturize lips from the cold harsh aircon in your office.
Strict or formal workplace  may have defined rules on what makeup you should be wearing.
  • Conceal visible blemishes and dark undereyes
  • Apply blush for a more pleasing appearance.
  • Define brows to avoid the face looking too washed out.
  • Color the lips with neutral tones or lip-but-better shades.
Creative work environment usually encourages artistic fashion choice and that include your make
  • Be as adventurous as you can. Enjoy this as this is an avenue for your creativity.
  • But then again, hold on the face painting and black lipstick.
  • Wearing red hot pink or orange lipstick though is great way to take advantage of this freedom.

Here's a picture of me in casual work environment. A simple everyday makeup look that is easy to achieve and with practice takes less time to do.

What I use:

  • Face Powder - something that is mattifying and provides good coverage
  • Concealer - to diminish blemishes like acne scars and dark undereye
  • Blush - just a hint of color to reduce the dullness of my skin.
  • Lip color - I give myself a bit of leeway here and apply something pretty to show a bit of my love for makeup, so soft pink lips ang drama ko.
  • I also applied eyeliner, mascara and brow shade just because I can't live without them. But this one is easy to skip especially if you know you'll be in your cubicle for 8 to 5. :)

Feel comfy in the office by having the following beauty essentials in one for your drawers:
  • Towellete
  • Facial Wash
  • Liquid Hand Soap
  • Travel Size makeup remover
  • Cottons and earbuds
  • Moisturizer
  • Hand Lotion
  • Tissue

These things will come in hand when you need to re-apply your makeup or need to remove it when you make makeup blunders. :)

More tips:
  • Remember to re-apply sunscreen before heading out for lunch. Use a mineral makeup powder of a powder foundation with SPF if you don't want to budge your makeup.
  • Remember to moisturize your lips to avoid it from chapping.
  • Keep your hands soft and supple with a hand cream, always apply after washing your hands.
  • When eyes starts to twitch or ithcy, don't scratch. Use the towellete and slightly dampen it with cold water  and press on to your lids to relax the eyes.

Have a fun day at the office, ladies!

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