Makeup Review | KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation (with video demo)

KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation in OC-B
Last Spring 2011, Kate of Kanebo came out with their Mineral Makup line which has been earning tons of raves from my fellow beuty bloggers here and abroad. It came to our beautiful plush tropical country near fall of last year (September 2011).

I've had this for awhile but have not been using it since I thought it was too light for my skin tone. It was only now that I'm working that I realize I need to use something appropriate for everyday use.

My needs for a foundation at work is as follows:
  • Good coverage
  • Can last an 8 hour shift with minor retouching
  • Will keep my skin matte as I get oily even in a fully-airconditioned room
  • Lightweight enough for everyday use.
Of course I'm reaching for the moon with my work foundation needs. Surprisingly though, Kate Mineral Liquid Foundation worked really well  for me and met most of my requirements since I started using it last week.

  • It has good coverage and it evens out my skin's redness especially after applying my salicylic base toner. It does not, however, conceal severe dark spots, cystic pimples and other blemishes.
  • It lasts up to 4 hours without budging but with retouch of a good powder foundation, none is the wiser.
  • It's mattifying up until the sun hits my face and it produces oilies from the change of temperature.
  • It is lightweight as most mineral liquid foundations goes.
Here's a video review I did and a demo on how I apply the Kate Mineral Liquid Foundation

My skin's current had changed as of the past two days.
  • My face is starting to peel right now from when I had Easy Peel procedure done two days ago at Flawless.
Kate Mineral Liquid Foundation helped in evening my skin tone but fails to cover the darken parts of my face due to the chemical peel. Although i don't really recommend for anyone to use a foundation when undergoing skin peeling, for those time it can't be helped, foundation that are safe for the skin like Mienral Liquid Foundations and BB Creams are best used during these times.

This liquid makeup comes in 20g tube that is convenient for travelling. The squeeze tube makes it easy to 
apply and dispenses out the amount you need. I amount the same amount as you see in the photo below.
KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation

I try to apply it with hands so I can warm it and make sure it really blends on to my skin. I also concentrate on parts of my face that needs coverage which basically the center part like sides of my nose, under eyes, cheeks and chin.

So far, I have not experienced any skin reaction and have been liking the results coverage-wise.

If you have dry skin, you can treat this like a BB Cream and use this alone or on top of a hydrating powder makeup. I think KATE also have a compact foundation powder.

Normal to combination, concentrate only to the parts that needs coverage and where you tend to oil up the most. Then, set with foundation.

Oily skin needs to set this with powder makeup and may need to retouch in a few hours. (see video above for demo) 

Swatch photos coming right up!
KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation in OC-B

KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation in OC-B

KATE Mineral Liquid Foundation in OC-B

Overall, I like the effects and feel of it against skin and may be buying another tube if this rans out. That is if I haven't discovered a new liquid makeup just yet. Hehehe! But no worries since this one will very well last me  for a couple of months.

So if you are looking for something that easy on the skin, within reasonable pricing and travel-friendly, try visiting KATE at SM Department Stores. :)

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  1. i have this, i love the medium buildable coverage and its yellow undertone, i'm glad it's available in manila with minimal-fair markup from the importer of this brand compared to prices in Sg and HK ☺♥
    indeed, it's great for everyday use and travel friendly specially since it's small for those who travel abroad, no worrying with the amount of liquids in your carry on LOL ☺

  2. Ruth Santiago25/1/12 1:33 PM

    I love beauty products with mineral content on it. That's why Kate Mineral Liquid Foundation is thumbs up for me =)

  3. Hi Ms. Shen,

    I have tried a few number of BB creams and tinted moisturizers and I'm still searching for something that will work best for me.  I think I should try foundation as well and Kate Mineral Foundation looks promising based on your review and the comments on this particular post.

  4. Samanthadalrymple30/1/12 4:09 AM

    mineral make up has changed my life because these kinds of products actually work for me and they make me feel beautiful even though i don't glam up. i now only make it a point to purchase and use (and hopefully win) some mineral make up.

  5. Hi Ms. Shen, does this oxidise throughout the day? I have VERY oily skin and I'm acidic as well. 


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