Benefanatics: Join Benefit's Hi, San Francisco! Online Contest

Are you a Benefit addict like me? Then consider this contest. I swear I'd do this if it weren't for the number of tasks I have to accomplish this week! Hopefully, I find time this weekend!

I can see myself portraying the a Professional Benebabe! I am loving my work life right now that I feel so good in a blazer, a bit of Benetint on my cheeks and Stay Don't Stray primer and concealer to brighten my eyes and prevent my shadows from creasing.

C'mon, join this contest and let's become certified Benebabe!

Besides, the prize isn't so bad... heck, it's fanta-bulous! A makeover from Maggie and Annie Ford of Benefit! The legacy of Benefit will be the one to give you a true-blue Benefit look!! Aaaahhhmazing! Oh and there's a photoshoot even!

Gosh! I seriously want to join... I gotta find time to visit Greenbelt 5!! Just because I don't I have time to make a video. Lol!

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  1. Ruth Santiago31/1/12 10:07 PM

    if only Greenbelt 5 is near, i'm so much hoping to join this contest =)


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