Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters | Tutti Frutti, Sugar Plum, Gumdrop

I knew there was something familiar the moment I got my hands on the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. It was a casual version of a the Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks. And same as the popular, much-raved about lipstick, Colorburst Lip Butter didn't fall short of expectations.

It's like the sporty stylish sister, Lip Butters seem to be low maintenance but have that pizzazz. I was scared it was going to be just like a regular lip balm and won't have much pigmentation. Thank God, it didn't.

What's great is that it is really moisturizing. Sugar Plum has quite taken over my lip balms! It hs that pigmentation that I need for a lipstick but it is also helping my skin maintain mositure inside the office wherein the aircon can dry up my lips.

Colorburst Lip Butters have an amazing selections as well. The shades are very Spring/Summer. But all very wearable as the color is buildable. This Lustre finish of MAC Lipsticks. The color payoff comes after a few application.

Tutti Frutti is sheer orange that is great for those who want to follow the trend of Spring/Summer 2012. If you are scared to rock matte or opaque orange as suggested, this is a great lip product you can try. It's a wearable orange that gives the lips a hint of it. Build color by applying more. Stay within the color family of peaches for the rest of your makeup when sporting this lip color.

Sugar Plum is the most wearable shade out of the three and what I've been using a lot lately. It has lorded over my other lip balms and quite monopolized my lips for the past few days. I am quite loving this shade as it goes with my everyday office attire. It compliments my simple makeup looks. I've also been looking for a nice purple ton lipstick much like my MAC Viva Glam VI but way more darker and redder. This fits the bill splendidly.

Gumdrop is not the most enticing shade from these three. but it has a nice sheen that is great for smokey eyes. Definitely screams avant garde. It doesn't go on as purple as the bullet suggest but it's like a purple pink. Will show you a lip swatch. I can't say this is my favorite or that I'll wear this frequently or ever. But it does have its charm.

What I love...

  • Lips smoothening properties
  • Keeps my lips soft and moisturized
  • Prevent chapping of the lips!
  • Great pigmentation, amazing for a lip butter lip product
  • These shades compliment my lips and skintone (surprisingly)
  • Comes in a see through bottle so you see the actual shade.
  • Wide range of shades available
  • The scent of mango, cocoa and shea makes me think of dessert

What I don't...

  • Hard to pop out from its cover
  • Given it's a lip butter, bullet stick isn't as sturdy
  • Price is steep Php500++

Buy this if you like great pigmentation with a nice sheen and something that keeps your lips soft and hydrated.

Skip this if you have way too many lip balms, lip products etc. and isn't really into all-in-one sort of thing.

Overall, I really like the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter. Since I get these for reviews, I didn't get a chance to choose the colors. I've researched online that they have way better shades that what I got for review so check them out. I thing many likes their red Raspberry pie, Cupcake, Creamsicle and Candy Apple. I think for the price and for the amount of product and pigmentation you're getting, you'll love these.

As for me, I'll go and visit Revlon Counters and get me some more wearable shades compared to these three. Hehehe!

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  1. sugar plum looks like a good mlbb.. :D 

  2. Great review Miss Shen. The price I think is at 525pesos. Not unless you
    got them on sale,pls do let us know :)

    waiting for your lip swatches too.
    Loving sugar plum!

  3. natry ko to sa counter shen, i really love it coz super moisturising and super cute ng colors esp yung coral and pinks!

  4. I have Tutti Frutti and it's really pretty on the lips! It's not the shocking orange that it looks on the tube once it's on the lips. :)

  5. sa "probinsyang" sm zapote php575 daw yan, imagine? 50 patong? namasahe? LOL seryoso pa talaga friend ko nainis sya bakit daw 525 yung sticker ng presyo sa mga nabili ko.  oh ha, ako ba nagdikit non? hahaha

  6. great reviews!!!

  7. I have like 11 shades of these.. i like them but wont repurchase anymore since i got many shades already but i do hope they would lower the price or go on sale :)

  8. The sugarplum looks like a great color, Shen. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  9. Hehe ako ba yon 'te Marge? ^^ I haven't been to SM Southmall le province (lolz) yet to check again... the SA may have gotten the price wrong since it was fairly very new when I checked the counter. Baka naman Php525 nga but the SA wasn't familiar enough yet. (I remember grumbling "575... 575... *frown*" as I walked away from the counter. Hehe)

    I AM planning to get Tutti Frutti and Cherry Tart. ^_^ Tutti Frutti is such a happy shade! :D  

  10. hahaha of course it's you, my one and only you ;-) ah revlon, there's only one more shade i want, the shade emma stone is wearing on her advert for these lippies ;-)

  11. Feeling ko bongga sayo lahat ng shades kasi you can rock any lip color naman! :)

  12. Issachavez24/1/12 3:01 PM

    i have been reading a lot of great reviews about these lippies!  bet ko yung Tuttu Frutti! :)

  13. gelatoprincess24/1/12 4:06 PM

    I've read a review about these lip butters already but I didn't know that there are other colors. I am instantly attracted to Tutti Frutti because coral/orange shades always flatter me. But I do want to consider what you said that it's best to skip this is one is in possession of too many lip products. I've been a bit crazy over lipsticks the past months and I think I have enough for the moment. But then again, orange is color of the year so it might be a great investment and besides I don't have any coral-shade lipstick/s right now(see I'm making excuses!) 

    Thanks for the post Shen, will be contemplating if this is worth the buy :)

  14. Ruth Santiago25/1/12 1:22 PM

    I love the colors and the benefits for the lips as well, it smoothens, moisturizes & prevents chapping. Nice! =)


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