The Makeup Look: The Bride Wore Lilac | Sleek I-Divine Oh So Special Palette

I love creating bridal looks lately. Must be because I've been bitten by the wedding bug since my cousin got married. But seriously, it's just creating a natural look that will enhance the bride's beauty in all levels. Bridal makeup is all about making the bride beautiful, not different. A bride glows naturally on the day of her wedding that her makeup should only enhance what she already have and temper down some of her flaws. If she's got full lips, enhance with a natural-looking lipstick. Accentuate the light in her eyes with colors that pairs well with its color.

If you've noticed, brides usually have lilac, peach and warm nudes eye makeup. Nothing too flashy except for concept weddings. It's because these shades are complimentary to the shadows of the eyes and face and goes well with any bridal gown.

Mattes are always a safe choice for eye shadows but I like adding a bit of shimmer to the middle of the lids and just right outside the corners to add sparkle to her eyes. No need to thoroughly define the crease except when it is an evening event and the lights are dimmer. Mascara and liner is not optional. :) You must apply this no matter what  It opens up and define the eyes and doesn't make your face look too washed out on photos. :)

This look earned a lot of compliments that day. They thought I'm attending a special event that day and thought I had my makeup done by someone else. I'm quite proud of that especially when I didn't use complex products nor was it too expensive.

I'm in love with the Sleek I-Divine Oh So Special palette. It's versatile for creating different looks, from everyday makeup to special events like weddings to dark makeup look fit for clubbing. :) 

If you're a newbie and wants something complete and affordable, get yourself the Sleek Palettes. :)

Watch out for my next Sleek I-Divine tutorial! :) It's gonna be great for those who loves dancing and fierce makeup looks. :)

You can get this palette through Updated Trends via Multiply, :)

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