K Palette Zero Kuma Concealer in Type 2

Happy October, people!

How was your September? Mine was pretty hectic and there was a lot of sleepless nights. My skin's pretty bad, add to that that I'mm acquiring quite a baggage... and I don't mean emotional, I mean one that is much harder to deal with.

Eyebags! Urgh!

As much as I try to be jolly, I just really hate seeing eye bags. It makes me feel that I'm not caring for myself. That I'm not getting enough sleep and I've been eating lots of salty food.

So no choice but to try something that can give me temporary relief from this beauty dilemma.

Hello, Zero Kuma Concealer! Goodbye puffy dark undereyes! Good riddance.. well as least for a few hours.

I'm currently using K Palette's 0 Kuma Concealer in Type 2.

Type 2 is the lightest shade among the three shades of Kuma Concealer and it has a yellowish tint that is great for drank circles. It has Vitamin C, Chamomile and Prune Extracts to tame down the problem areas.

Yes, it's a concealer + skin care in one. :)

Given that it has skin care properties, it was just the right amount of creaminess and it dries into a matte finish. Downside is that it dries up to fast that you have less time to blend it. It stays on for good 2 to 3 hours before it shows sign of creasing. Less is more to avoid this.

Did you know that Kuma means bear in Japanese? The word is often used to describe dark undereye circles similar to that of a bear. K Palette added the symbol of zero to share that with this concealer, there will be no more dark under eyes.

Cool huh? :)

How are you starting your October? Hopefully, with a lot more sleep and less stress! But then again, if it can't be helped, let's not make it too obvious and use some concealer! :) It's definitely a life saver!

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