Benefit Cabana Glama | The Must Have for Pinays' Golden Skin

Benefit Cabana Glama Your DesTANation Makeup Kit
Summer ain't over. Not for this girl right here. Nope! I love the sun like crazy! But that doesn't mean that I like what it does to my skin. Thanks to makeup, getting our tan on is easy. No need to lay down on the sun because faking that golden glow is easy! :)

Benefit Cabana Glama Your DesTANation Makeup Kit

My ultimate beauty dream?

It's for Filipina's to finally to realize how bronzers and contouring enhances our face! We need to stop for awhile trying to whiten our skin (God knows we've been busy doing that for decades). But instead literally face head on and try other beauty products that celebrate our skin tone.

Embrace your tanned beauty like never before. :)

I know! I was intimidated by bronzer and contouring, too!

But with the right products and just a little patience, bronzing is going to be easy! Check out my post on contouring. It will guide your with the right techniques to get you on your way to a golden summer-y look.

Benefit Cabana Glama Your DesTANation Makeup Kit

When Benefit launched the Cabana Glam, a summer offering from the brand, it was like an answered prayer for me, the girl from country that enjoys summer weather almost half of the year!

Cabana Glama is a summer-inspired kit that aims to accentuate your beautifully tanned skin and to give you that summer glow like you've just gone to the beach. It's fulll of wonderful products.

It has the Some kinda gorgeous foundation which has a medium to heavy coverage that will stay put on any weather. Posietint, sister to Benetint that's been earning raves just the same. Neutral trio eyeshadow great to that doubles as a highlighter. Best of all, it has Hoola blush, a famous contour blush from Benefit, that you can apply to accentuate your face and to enhance your golden glow.

There's is nothing like it! It's the best starter kit for women who finally want to try wearing bronzers and to give their skin the true loving it deserves

Benefit Cabana Glama Your DesTANation Makeup Kit

Benefit Cabana Glama Your DesTANation Makeup Kit

Benefit Cabana Glama Your DesTANation Makeup Kit
Some Kind-A Gorgeous Medium | Eyeshadow Palette (Peach Fizz , Bronze Buzz, Cocoa Pizazz) | Hoola | Posietint

Benefit Cabana Glama Your DesTANation Makeup Kit - with flash

Here's, a very simple look I did using Cabana-Glama. I just added eyeliner, mascara and bows to complete the look.

Bronzing and contouring doesn't have to be complicated. You just have to study your face and know where to properly place the products.

Benefit Cabana Glama Your DesTANation Makeup Kit

Benefit Cabana Glama Your DesTANation Makeup Kit 

Tips on bronzing or contouring:
  1. Stick to matte bronzers first as this those with shimmers tend to look messy on the face.
  2. An angled brush is still the best brush for contouring, so make sure you have one on your kit.
  3. A little goes a long way, start with just soft application and then you can add if you want more.
  4. Study your face and your angles.
  5. Enjoy! Don't let bronzing frustrate you. It's going to be fun and you'll love the results after!

I dearly hope I've encouraged you enough to try this ultimate beauty enhancing technique I've always loved!

Here's to bronzing! Cheers!

For brushes on contouring, check out my post on Charm Vegan Brushes.
Want to try contouring with cream foundations? I got a video post on that!
Need something a tad cheaper, here's a product that might fit your budget.

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  1. Hi Shen! How much is the whole kit?

  2. I like this! I use it as a bronzer/contouring powder din paminsan minsan :)

  3. Love the palette! I just love bronzers!

  4. Lorraine Liquete11/6/12 10:42 PM

    I love the palette especially the bronzer! <3
    Please check out my blog.

    Shebby xx

  5. You think the bronzer will be ok for me sis? :)


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