Contour and Highlight with Cream-Base Products | With Video Tutorial

Contouring and highlighting using cream-base products can be quite intimidating and this is a technique that I've putting off for quite a while. But New Year is about conquering fears! So, here I am taping the first time I ever contoured and highlighted and posted it all over the internet!

Quite the contrary, I find this process not as daunting as I thought it would be... with practice and proper products, I think I'd be a pro doing this! Here's to hoping, anyway.

I used the Dollface Concealer Palette for the contour. It's not as pliant as I thought it would be (after all, it's a concealer and meant to stay put) but applying moisturizer was a big help in blending. As for my highlight, the Graftobian Palette did come in handy.

Cream-based products when used for contouring and highlighting adheres better to the skin, it's more photogenic on cameras and have a natural way of making your face slimmer. This is why most celebrities prefer this technique and why makeup artist  Although it may take more work, the aftermath is just amazing.

On to the products. Although cream foundations are usually used when contouring and highlighting of this technique, there's no need to commit just yet to a more raved products, dig in through your stash liked I did and use that to practice. Better yet, talk to your friends who may be lighter or more tanned than you if their up for exchanging some their products.

When contouring it's better to keep the following in mind:

1. Figure out your face shape! This may mean a lot of time in the mirror and comparing your face to celebs on the magazine... but hey! It's worth it! Since I'm not good with describing, giving you celebrities to give you an idea on what it looks like.

  • Round Shape - think Scarlet Johanssen, Michelle Williams and me!
    • Contour: Cheek bone, Jawline, sides of the face, edge of hairline.
    • Highlight: Brow area, highest planes of the cheeks, in between jaws and cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid's bow.
  • Oblong - think Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow
    • Contour: Chin part and edge of hair line is it's protruding
    • Highlight: Apply instead on the apples of the cheeks as it helps widen the face.
  • Square - think Reese Witherspoon, Demi Moore
    • Contour: Jawline to achieve a more oval shape face up to the side of the face, temples until you get a more round or oval shape.
    • Highlight: Forehead and chin area.
  • Oval - think Rihanna, Beyonce and Tyra Banks
    • This is basically a perfect shape face, contour  jawline to and highlight the highest planes of the cheeks.
  • Heart - think Ciara and Halle Berry
    • Contour: Cheekbones and sides of the temples.
    • Highlight: forehead but just a tad bit and chin area.
Once you know your face shape, you will then know what part of the face to highlight and contour... and it's all action from then on! It's time to get busy, lady!

2. Less is more! Like in everything else (except LOVE), when contouring and highlighting better start with just a small amount and you can build your way up from there.

3. Blend well. Applying the highlight and contour may not need too much accuracy as you see in the video. But when it comes to the foundation part, it's important to blend 

4. Practice and then some more. If there's one thing I learned about contouring, you can't just learn it in one go. Not even reading about it in makeup artistry books and internet is enough. It's a skill acquired and you acquire it with practice.

My skills need  more practice. But I hope you got the idea on how to contour and highlight your face with cream-base cosmetics. It's not really that simple but once you get pass the applying the creams on your face, it's all fun and blending. I have no doubt that in no time, you'll be able to cream-contour and highlight all you want and so perfectly to boot!

I hope it's not too late... Happy New Year, ladies and gents!

Have a nice time cream contouring and highlighting!

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  1. Sofia Gatchalian3/1/12 7:55 AM

    Gorgeous as always!! xx
    Check out my new blog:

  2. Valeriecabance3/1/12 11:21 AM

    You're a lifesaver! This is super duper helpful!!! Thank you!

  3. glad this helped you out. :)

  4. nice effort and good tutorial. I really cant find the eye makeup tutorial link your saying... huhu.

  5. You look so glamorous!! I just stick to a bit of highlighting - I don't want to over emphasize my golf ball cheeks!

  6. Hi! By the way, what's the lipstick and shade you used here? I love it!

  7. gelatoprincess17/1/12 12:48 PM

    I recently got a highlighter palette from my aunt this holiday season and I had no idea how to use it. Sure, I've seen several in various beauty stores - Body Shop and Loreal being the most prominent but I reall had no idea how to use it. Thanks for this post I now know what to do, well not really "know" but at least I have somewhere to start. And thanks for the additional tip on which parts to contour for which face shape, you even provided celebrity examples (including yourself ;p) to make the visualizing easier. 


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