Ki by Neo Day Spa at Greenhills | A Spa Day for the Urban Girl

It was so easy to love Ki Spa. Situated in one of the quietest street in the city, I find it became a place of refuge for the Metro's creme de la creme and of course, for an urban woman like me who wants to enjoy just a tad level higher from indulgence.

Yes, we all deserve to indulge once in awhile when we've budgeted our money and found there's enough for a bit of a body massage and even a facial.

So instead of sleeping that Saturday off or watching a TV gossip show, I hauled my lazy bum to Ki Spa and experienced a whole new level of relaxation.
Ki Spa derived it name from the Japanese word Ki which means flow of energy. 
The source of life and the bedrock on which our physical well-being and spiritual contentment are built 
At Ki you will discover a serene hideaway whose soothing holistic day spa treatments
enable you to rediscover your source, and unlock your inner calm.
Discover our distinctively soothing day spa treatments that await you.
Heal the body, calm the mind, renew the spirit.

Our intention is to foster harmony and balance of the mind, body, and spirit through holistic healing. Our services include massage therapies, scalp treatments, facial treatments, body treatments, reflexology and nail services. All of our services can be combined to create a customized spa day for total wellness.

The service I had was the Reflect Package (Php1,750). It inculdes a Puran Facial and a 60 minutes Aromatherapy Massage.
Say goodbye to pimples and pustules. This special treatment with steam, enzyme peeling, Moisture Plus Concentrate and subsequent Deep Cleansing Mask or Mud Mask, makes your skin “come clean.” The oil/moisture balance is normalized, as is sebum production. Result: refined pores, clear balanced skin and a radiantly fresh complexion delight you.
Php1, 150 (approx. 60minutes)  
A full-body aromatherapy massage using long strokes and kneading techniques on the moresuperficial layers of muscles promoting general relaxation, blood circulation, and relief from muscle tension.Php780 (60 minutes) / Php1080 (90 minutes) Php1,480 (120 minutes)

Take a tour of Ki Spa through my photos...

You'll notice a sort of minimalist interiors with its industrial feel, clean lines and unobtrusive. It's very quiet and solemn that it almost feel like I'm walking through a holy place. The people inside seems to respect how important of a sanctuary Ki Spa is. You'll be met with warm smile by their therapist.

The massage and facial was just as luxurious as I expected it to be. It's my first time to visit Ki Spa and its incredibly one of the most relaxing place I've been. The therapist knew exactly what she was doing. I didn't have to direct her that my shoulders and calves needed the most attention as it the most strained in work and driving.

It was one of the most solemn massage, it felt almost regal. Yes, I admit I was a bit intimidated but I'm glad I carried myself well. :)

Puran Facial is as I've mentioned, are for those battling with pimples. It's a facial without the pricking using only top of the line products from Biodroga. It's a deep cleansing facial that takes away the seethed dirt in the  pores. Skin is left revived and relaxed.

I seriously am hoping that payday comes soon. I can't wait for another visit at Ki Spa!

Want to have the same services I had, don't forget to call in and make an appointment. :)

Ki by Neo Day Spa - Greenhills
35 Wilson Street, Greenhills West, San Juan,
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. (02) 5846789, 5846066

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  1. Love the minimalist design! The Spa tops my list of spa but having read your post, I'd like to try Ki. :)


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