Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation

I don't think I can ever get enough of foundations and The Body Shop just answered that wish and will be releasing the collection that I can't wait to share with you, it's the Extra Virgin Minerals.

Having had a chance to work with the The Body Shop for their preparation for the Asia Pacific Makeup Competition, I got dibs on their latest collection, the Extra Virgin Mineral. Via used on me the the Cream Compact Foundation and I knew right there and then that I wanted it. Badly.

Extra Virgin Minerals is their latest mineral makeup collection which come in three ultra-blendable formats: Cream Compact, Liquid Foundation and Loose Powder Foundation.

These founations has an awar-winning 100% Community Fair Trade Pure cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and ultra fine pigments to gives that flawless and immaculate look. Think barely-there sensation that won't clog the pores and let the skin breathe; protection against the sun's harmful UV rays; paraben-free that suits all skin types from sensitive to blemished skin.

Be Matt --- 
The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation

When I first saw saw a glimpse of this foundation sitting on the train case of Via, the winner of The Body Shop's National Makeup Competition, I hope that she would use them on me. My prayers were answered and she did. It was one of the requirements that she use the cosmetic products from the up coming collection (already released in UK and other countries).

I've always liked the coverage that a cream foundation gives me and super blemished face back before I had peeling sessions, and this one is certainly no exception. When Via opened this compact and softly run the soft brush against my skin, it was love. It didn't feel tight against my skin and it felt soft and smooth and especially light.

I was surprised to see that given with the right application and proper prepping of the face, the foundation lasts quite a while even with my oily skin. And though it looks greasy on the compact, it turns cream to matte powder finish after while. More so when topped with either the Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation or my favorite All-In-One Face Base for a longer staying foundation.

The shades I got were the Golden Ivory and Rose Ivory:

This compact cream foundation definitely reminds me of Makeup Forever's Duo Mat foundation, except that ones a powder. This one though resembles Smashbox's Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation. The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation though is more affordable, easily available (once it's launched) and promises to be non-comodegenic. Personally, I like most of the things I buy from the three brands mentioned but I'm happy that TBS' isn't so expensive.

Cream Compact Foundation SPF 15 in Golden Ivory

Golden Ivory matches my skin really well seeing that I have a yellowish undertone.

Cream Compact Foundation SPF 15 in Golden Ivory

Cream Compact Foundation SPF 15 in Rose Ivory

Rose Ivory was a good shade I'm glad I have although its a bit lighter. But since I'm acidic, terribly at this time of the year, this shade work perfectly fine for me.

Cream Compact Foundation SPF 15 in Rose Ivory

I can opt to mix both as well as it sure matches my skin tone nicely when there two are mixed. :)

Golden Ivory | Rose Ivory
I love how smooth and light the consistensy of the cream is. It provides a good enough coverage that you can control it whether light, medium or heavy.

Soft Flat foundation brush

The brush is synthetic and as expected, extremely soft. No need to have a foundation brush or sponge for this cream to powder foundation. I think you'll be happy with the brush included in this compact.


1. Wash the brush prior to using it.
2. For a lasting foundation, set your Cream Compact foundation with your favorite foundation powder or setting powder.
3. Keep the cream compact foundation in a cool place to keep the product fresh and unchanging from temperature changes .
4. If you can, always use a spatula to get the foundation in order to avoid bacteria or contamination from sitting on your cream compact from double dipping your brush.
5. Wash your brush regularly and let it completely dry before returning it to its container.
6. Use sparingly at first and slowly build the product in to achieve your desired coverage.

Will definitely do more intensive review on The Body Shop Exra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation and will show you a face of the day or two. :)

Til next post!

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact will be available on September 2011 in all The Body Shop Stores in the Philippines.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beauty Boot Camp at Fab Salon | It's a Beauty Bloggers Affair

When I got an invite to visit Fab Salon at the Newport Mall of Resorts World, I was really happy to know that they already have a salon inside that beautiful building. I've been going to Resort's World a lot lately and it would be really nice to kill time inside a hair salon instead of packing on the calories at the restos when I get there too early.

It's located at the 4th level, right besides McDonald's. it's kind of covered by the window-facade, so just go in there and check it out after reading this post. I'll be showing you a few of the services that we all indulged in during our visit.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Now I wanna get pregnant!

A girl can certainly have everything.

And that's Beyonce! She has wonderful doting parents, true friends, a successful career doing what she loves, a loving good looking rich husband.. and now it comes full circle with the news of her pregnancy. Blessed woman, indeed. :)

And she's looking so fresh and radiant!

Photo grabbed from Yahoo!

On a not so serious note, I wonder what she'll deal with hair regrowth. :) Maybe that's why a lot of celebs go into hiding/hibernation when they are pregnant... coz they can't color their hair. Hahaha!

And what mascara is she using???

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Curious: E.L.F. Studio Lip Stain in Fashionista and Red Carpet

As if I don't have enough, eh?

I purchased the E.L.F. Studio Lip Stain out of curiousity when DamnVixen asked me if it in someway resemble the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. So of course, I just had to try it out.

This one reminds of Cover Girl's Outlast Lip Shine.

I'm sorry to those who plan to buy this but this is probably one of those posts that didn't quite reach the usual addiction rating. Although I don't hate the ELF Studio Lip Stain, I don't entirely love it either.

ELF Studio Lip Stain is a very opaque lip cream when applied. That alone can easily be a reason for anyone to pick this up. The color selection either isn't so bad. It goes on very smooth on the lips and the gloss has a nice texture that it gives a nice sheen on top of the color.

Long wearing though? Yes, until your next meal that is and you'll get around it!

Unfortunately, I've tried Red Carpet and tested it and it didn't quite fare as I thought it would. The color transfer on glass, spoon and fork was a bit disappointing. It was easily wiped off when I dabbed my lips with tissue and all I was left with was a lip stain. Maybe that's why they called it as Lip Stain.

I suggest waiting quite a while like 10 or more minutes before applying the gloss over the lip color. I think the gloss blends itself with the lip shade that it breaks it down that makes it emollient again... or any sort of moisture breaks the stain down that causes it to transfer. Sad, really.

As for whether it dries out the lips, it does. But no news there since most long wearing lip products I've tried dries out my lips. The only one that doesn't is the CoverGirl Lip Perfection.

I got the shades in Fashionista and Red Carpet

ELF Studio Lip Stain product description

Fashionista | Red Carpet

Fashionista is an almost like a barbie-pink shade that is most becoming on fair skin. I love the texture and how it gives me that light pink lips.

Red Carpet is bright red lip shade that reminds me of NYX Soft Matte Lipstick in Amsterdam but a bit lighter. It really is a very pretty color.

The gloss has a thin texture compared to other lip glosses I've tried. Not that lasting tough and a bit cheaply made.

Sponge tip applicator is passable enough to apply the color.

Fashionista | Red Carpet

Fashionista | Red Carpet

Red Carpet (alone)

Red Carpet + Gloss

Fashionista (alone)

Fashionista + Gloss

My verdict is that if you're into nice matte and glossy lip shades, this is something you can check out. But don't expect that it will deliver a long lasting shade. It's going to fade after your next meal. But I guess you can put up with the lip stain it'll leave if ever you don't have time to retouch.

So yeah, this sort of resembles the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams but I find that NYX is a little less drying and much easier to apply than the ELF Studio Lip Stain. Meaning, it's easier to correct application mistake with the NYX Soft Mattes than with the ELF Studio Lip Stain. As for the lasting power, ELF lasts a bit longer. The stain that they both leave are almost the same. NYX Soft Mattes are easier to remove though. Lastly, ELF has did sort of tight feel against my lip while NYX is softer through and through. :)

Oh! And do check the tubes before purchasing since my Red Carpet was sort of leaking at it opening when laid down flat on my vanity. Not a good sight.

Yeah, so I just really like the shades and texture but this is in away compare to the love I have for my NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. I've sure you'd find others who think differently.

As least, i got to satisfy my curiosity. :)  

ELF Studio Lip Stain (Php249.50) at ELF Counters located at the beauty sections of Department Stores. I got mine at Robinsons Department Store.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why I don't have a blog post today.

Yesterday was jampacked with blog-related happenings that I didn't have the energy to do a blog post for today, Saturday.

I spent majority of yesterday with my Blogger BFF's Nikki, Sophie, Jheng, Tara and Phoebe.

Celebrated a birthday! Guess who!

I finally got to work with a talented photographer extraordinaire Niccolo Cosme for a haircare brand.

Had lunch with Carla and fellow beauty bloggers Sophie, Nikki and Liz at Mr. Jones. So happy to see that their Coca-Cola comes in those vintage bottles!

Witnessed a launching of a skincare brand from a company where I did my internship back in college (waaay back!). Who suffers from bacne? They've got a product for that!

Attended a tech launch! I won an Ipad 2 case but I don't have an Ipad! Hahaha! You think it's a sign I have to buy an Ipad 2? LOL.

Models Kelly Misa, Ornussa Cadness and Sanya Smith were in attendance at the Beyond The Box launching. Grabe! They are all so gorgeous!

Then I went back to Makati to meet up with the girls again at Chili's for margaritas. And for some more laugh trips!

The day was very productive and fun. I pray for many days like this.

So today, I plan on gaining enough strength through siesta (i'm in bed as I type this on my Iphone) and get ready for a night of partying naman with my cousins and college friends later on tonight.

Hope you all have a fun and safe Saturday! :)

Come to think of if, I can't say I don't have a blog post today because THIS is my blog post. LOL!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection

Just because my addiction is really uncontrollable, here I am with yet another Urban Decay Palette. This time its their 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection.

Urban Decay 15 year Anniversary Palette

Why I got it? Hello! I'm an addict! I don't need  a reason! lol! And I try to collect Urban Decay Eyeshadow palette as much as I can.

But if you need some convincing here's a few things why you should consider getting this.
  • It has 15 new (as in never before seen) eye shadows. Meaning, you won't get repeats from the previous Urban Decay Book of Shadows which are pretty much reincarnation of each former palettes. 
  • It's ultra sleek huouse in a hard gunmetal plastic that is almost like steel, with the UD logo/sign encrusted on the cover. If you flip the cover, you have a very large size mirror to see the looks you've created with this palette.
  • The color combination of this palette is highly flattering compared to the previous Urban Decay Palettes. It's definitely more usable for day and night looks. I especially like 
  • It's amazingly pigmented. Seriously, Urban Decay never fails me when it comes to pigmentation.
  • It's Limited Edition! As we all know, many Urban Decay Palettes that you've pass up now cost more than it's original price.
  • They really are nice to look at. :) Hehehe!

The only problem I see about this palette is how it attracts finger prints like crazy. But I can live with it.

Urban Decay 15 year Anniversary Palette

I do like the filigree details on side of the cover.
I've always want a filigree for a tattoo... sigh!

Urban Decay 15 year Anniversary Palette

Purple isn't really my favorite shade but because of Urban Decay, I've had a change of heart. Urban Decays makes purple so luxurious!! And this palette can soon be converted into a keepsake box once I'm done with the eye shadow. I can simply pop out the palette, and it will reveal a suede-lined container for mementos like photos and love notes. Maybe even a lock of hair. Or is that too much?

I've always been impressed with Urban Decay palettes. Yes, even when they keep on repeating the shades on most of them. After all, those shades are the best sellers, it's only fitting they put what they know many would use, right? --- Okay! You know you're an addict if you're defending having 5 similar eye shadows from the same brand! Lol!

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette did not disappoint. Although some shades I coul;d have probably do away and could have found a dupe for but nothing beats having the whole thing itself. This palette has an impressive combination of neutrals and pops of colors for the tamed or adventurous and of course, the bipolar! *raises hands*

As always, I expect these eyeshadows to be buttery soft when applied

Urban Decay 15 year Anniversary Palette

Lovely, isn't?

Now on to the eye shadows! I got crazy again in taking photos on them. Please don't get bored! I'm just really excited to show them to you guys and show how great this palette this is!

Midnight Rodeo



Midnight Rodeo | Tainted | Deeper

Midnight Rodeo has a bit of shimmer that I'm not all too thrilled about since they cause fall out. I suggest doing your eyes first before your foundation so avoid glitters setting under your eyes. But the great thing about this is that its such a nice base for those shimmery neutral looks. Great for accentuating those brow bones, too.

Tainted is a nice purple pink. It's pigmented enough but you need to pat this to show its true colors. You can use this as a highlighter with a not so dense blush brush. This would make a nice base for those purple eye makeup look.

Deeper is one of the best eyeshadows here as it reminds me of the Smog but a little bit deeper and cooler in tone. This is really ideal for those who likes those smokey bronzey gold makeup look.

Midnight 15



Midnight 15 | Junkshow | M.I.A.

Midnight 15 is an oyster pearl with some silver glitter. I personally think they could have done away with the glitter but you know how edgy Urban Decay can get. I love this for highlighting especially for smokey look as it blends to skin tone.

Junkshow is such a show stopper, described as a bright pink. It is bright I still don't know what to do with this shade but it will probably find it in one of my rainbow makeup looks of as base on my purple smokey eyes.

M.I.A., described as soft shimmery dark brown but its sort of taupe-ish for me. It definitely remind s me of Ellana MPM in Delicate but a tad darker. You can just use this as your only eyeshadow, blend it and you're good to go.




Vanilla | Omen | Ace
Vanilla is a shimmery white gold that probably one of the best shade for highlighting as it compliments my skin tone like its lifetime partner. I am in love with this shades.

Omen is of course very near Mayhem and Ecstasy but is more more bright and almost has a blue tinge. It's a really nice base for smokey purple makeup. It's pretty light so I advise mixing this with other colors.

Ace is a nice dark gunmetal gray with shimmer. Come to think of it, it is a bit similar with Urban Decay Gunmetal but its definitely deeper in shade. It's love for a normal black smokey eyes.




Flow | Evidence | Blackout

Flow is a soft peach shimmer that a tad more deeper than MAC Femme Fi. Again, this is going to be a nice base for everyday neutrals and as a highlighter.

Evidence is a deep metallic blue but tends to go greenish against my skin (I think it's just me though). I like it but I'm not entirely in love with shade.

Blackout is your typical deep matte black. I'd like to say it's nothing special but for someone who loves doing smokey look, matte black is almost required when deepening the crease. There's no fail in using matte black for smokey eyes. I just hope they chose something else instead.


Deep End

Half Truth

Chase | Deep End | Half Truth

Chase is a favorite because I like anything that is almost gold or bronze and this one is a soft light bronze that can stand on its own. This is probably one of my favorite in this palette.

Deep End is the shade I've been itching to try since I love anything teal and with its bright shimmery texture. I love love this shade. A shade that can stand on its as well.

Half Truth for me is just another deep purple eye shadow that I can easily find a dupe with my other palettes but I'm glad it's in this one because I can never get enough of deep smoky purple. With this shade, it's practically a no-brainer to create a nice eye design.

If you missed out of Urban Decay's former palette and want something complete, meaning a collection that can take you from day to night, then this palette is for you. I'm glad that Urban Decay doesn't scrimp on quality with their palette (that's why I keep buying them) so you really get you money's worth. This is also lighter without the extras of the other palette. Not to mention that these are new shades.

Overall, I love this palette for its versatility the availability of neutrals, shimmers, and smoky shades. I definitely recommend this for those who hates thinking of what eye shadows to mix since most of the eye shadows compliments each other whether your warm or cool tone.

Shades you can combine:

Smoky Bronze Look: Chase, Deeper, M.I.A. and Flow
Smoky Black Look: Ace, Blackout and Midnight 15
Shimmery Neutral Look: Chase, Flow and Vanilla
Rainbow Bright Look: Vanilla, Junkshow, Omen, Deep End, Evidence and Midnight Rodeo
Smoky Purple Look: Omen, Half Truth, Blackout and Vanilla
Bridal Makeup Look: Tainted, Chase and Vanilla
Smoky Blue Look: Evidence, Ace, Blackout and Vanilla

Nice stand alone are: Chase, M.I.A., Deeper, Ace and Half Truth

This is a palette that works hard and party hard, IMHO. :)

I got mine at Digital Traincase (as usual!)

Addiction rating: 110%!

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