Why I don't have a blog post today.

Yesterday was jampacked with blog-related happenings that I didn't have the energy to do a blog post for today, Saturday.

I spent majority of yesterday with my Blogger BFF's Nikki, Sophie, Jheng, Tara and Phoebe.

Celebrated a birthday! Guess who!

I finally got to work with a talented photographer extraordinaire Niccolo Cosme for a haircare brand.

Had lunch with Carla and fellow beauty bloggers Sophie, Nikki and Liz at Mr. Jones. So happy to see that their Coca-Cola comes in those vintage bottles!

Witnessed a launching of a skincare brand from a company where I did my internship back in college (waaay back!). Who suffers from bacne? They've got a product for that!

Attended a tech launch! I won an Ipad 2 case but I don't have an Ipad! Hahaha! You think it's a sign I have to buy an Ipad 2? LOL.

Models Kelly Misa, Ornussa Cadness and Sanya Smith were in attendance at the Beyond The Box launching. Grabe! They are all so gorgeous!

Then I went back to Makati to meet up with the girls again at Chili's for margaritas. And for some more laugh trips!

The day was very productive and fun. I pray for many days like this.

So today, I plan on gaining enough strength through siesta (i'm in bed as I type this on my Iphone) and get ready for a night of partying naman with my cousins and college friends later on tonight.

Hope you all have a fun and safe Saturday! :)

Come to think of if, I can't say I don't have a blog post today because THIS is my blog post. LOL!

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  1. matet reyes27/8/11 3:29 PM

    hi shen, I saw you yesterday at the "skin care launch" but was to shy to approach you. =) Their Back Acne Spray and the Matte Moisturizer look promising!

  2. We completely forgive you! Looking forward to the post!

  3. awww but this is a post ☺♥

  4. I had fun spending the whole morning and afternoon with you!!! More bondings to come :)


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