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Happy Monday Everybodylicious!

Gosh! It's the 8th month of the year already, after this is ber-months and before we know it, it's year 2012. How time flies. I'm really not excited for the end of the year nor am I even anticipating September (my birthday) because well, I hate growing old. I just wish that time would stop, you know. I'm starting to hate how I look right now, all fat and flabby and my skin, is well not as young-looking as it used to be.

I never really thought that I'd be scared to grow old, but now I am. Sigh!

I wanted to try something that isn't really invasive but at the same time shows somewhat an effect.

When I told a few friends and people I had worked with that I am going to try Gloww (I've seen ads of it on magazines), they encouraged me. Some of them were taking the supplement for same purpose as I mine. I asked if they saw significant results and they expressed that it lessened the fatigued look when they wake up in the morning. They also slept better in the evenings. As for their skin, there was a mild changes after finishing one box. All of them can't wait to see the turn out after one more box and the next after that.

For them, GLOWW is already a part of their daily regimen. Some taking two caps a day, while others settle for just once a day.

It only fueled my eagerness to try GLOWW!

As you can see from the above picture, it's the familiar ingredients that we would see in topical skin care like Green Tea, Vitamin C, Lemon and Collagen.

Contrary to what I initially thought, Gloww isn't a whitening pill or commonly called, gluta-pill. It's quite refreshingly, a skin supplement to help nourish skin. In promises in two months a younger, brighter and pinkish skin. As we all know brighter and whiter are two different things but it's often that we confuse this. This is probably the reason why many thinks this is also a whitening supplement.

But how does it really work? What does the the ingredients do?

Younger skin for Collagen Strenghtening - 3 special proteins (Marine, Protein, Hydrolysed Collagen, Horsetail extract) which provides skin structure, increase thickness f dermis (2nd layer of the skin), adds moisture making the skin smoother and elastic.The result is a firmer, more supple and moisturized skin. 
Skin Waste Detoxifier for a Brighter-looking skin - Through the Green Tree extract, the skin is cleansed of skin impurities, thus making the skin clearer. 
Blood Circulation Enhancer for that Inner Glow - Grape Seed extract and Lemon Bioflavanoids improves blood flow in the distribution of nutriets and removes impurites that could give clearer and brighter skin. 
UV Protectant from Skin Discoloration - Tomato Extract and D. Salina Extract protects the skin from harmful UV rays thus preventing inflammation, redness, and even melasma. 
Free Radical Defense - Pine Bark extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E which prevents our skin from advanced ageing and degeneration.

Convinced to the core, I am now super ready to have that Glowwing skin (fingers crossed). :) I really think that I would benefit from a supplement like this. Besides, added nutrients won't hurt, right?

I was advised to take this twice a day every day after meals, morning and evening after meals as its also had diuretic properties which I love since I've been drinking water like crazy these days. The twice a day is for those just starting to use the Gloww, after 2 to 4 months, I can just take one capsule a day or simply continue the regular regimen.

Of course, supplements are just that. We still need to have a healthy lifestyle both in our diet and habits. We still need to drink lots of water, eat a balanced meal, exercise and know when to relax and get a good night's sleep. Most of all, to be happy with who we are.

There's only so much that science and nature can provide for self-improvement. It is really up to us to accept what there are just things that we cannot change and despite of that, we are still satisfied with what we have. :)

Will get back to guys after two weeks for an update! :)

I'm not really the type to shy away from giving products like these a try although there are things that I provide limits to. If you're unsure, it's best to always consult with a doctor before ingesting anything even if they are just supplements.

Gloww is only Php750 for a box of 30 capsules, available at Watson's Drugstores.

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  1. charice anne p. chua4/8/11 1:37 PM

    hi! Just wondering if you know an effective Ua whithening cream or treatment. After I gave birth the shade of my underarms didnt go back as it used to be. Hope you could help me.many thanks!

  2. wheres the update?


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