5 Ways For Easier Makeup Application

Even I could admit that putting on makeup could really be tough. Like shaping eyebrows with pencil, application foundation without having it cake, pimples are so hard to conceal and mascara smudging... I've gone through all that. It's a good thing I've got these 5 ways to make sure that makeup application is anything but a breeze.

1. Treat your pimples

Having a clear skin is still the easiest way to apply this makeup. It's a grueling process to treat your skin which involves going to a certified dermatologist to do acne surgery/facial and apply medication. But achieving a clearer skin will definitely benefit you a whole lot more than just making your skin easier to put makeup on.

Check out my review on House of Obagi Acne Cure Therapy.

Makeup app you'll skip: Applying Corrector and Blemish Concealer

2. Get brows done professionally

Grooming the brows is an essential part of a makeup application. Don't fight me on this. But I do understand that using an eye pencil or even an eyebrow palette can be difficult when you have very unruly eyebrows. And let's not even go to shaving and plucking them on our own which often ends in disaster. Having them threaded or waxed by a professional will ensure you good looking brows, no disasters at all. I go to Browhaus for a professional brow fix. They are very hygienic and precise. Now all I do is just follow the shape of my brows as I darken it for photos.

Here's review my review on Browhaus: Kikay Place: Browhaus at Serendra

Makeup app you'll skip: Shaping brows with shaver or tweezers (Thank God!)

3. Get a Lash Perm

Curling my lashes is a feat even for me. That's why i can give an hour of my day every 2 or 3 months to get a lash perm at Let's Face It just to avoid clipping my lids with my lash curler. Curled lashes is a best way to open up the eyes. Applying mascara is an easy feat, too.

Here's my review about it:  Eyelash perm

Makeup app you'll skip: Curling lashes will a lash crimper

4. Exfoliate your skin

Flaky skin causes cakey makeup. So be sure to get a microdermabrasion treatment every 5 weeks as it takes 5 weeks for our skin to regenerate a new layer and get rid of our dead skin cells. A much more easier way is to keep a bottle of Cure Aqua Gel that removes the dead skin off of our face. I also use Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel for an at-home peeling peeling treatment. Using these products will make your skin smoother and make application of foundation a lot easier. No flaky skin, no cakey makeup.

Make app you'll skip: Applying Primer and Retouching with a powder foundation

5. Use radiance-boosting skin care

Use a skin care that will enhance the radiance of your skin like Pond's Precious Youth Serum and The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules. Applying this after all your nightly regimen will give you that natural glow you want if you want skin like Cate Blanchett and Scarlett Johansson. And maybe, we can snag Ryan Reynolds in the process. Hehehe!

Make app you'll skip: Applying shimmer powder

That's a total of 7 steps skipped! Phew! Now getting ready for work, school or an event isn't as stressful. I've tried all these steps and these really worked for me. I personally can't get enough Pond's Precious Youth Serum and Cure Aqua Gel. As for Browhaus, they are the best in making my brows look fab. While lash perming at Let's Face It have always been reliable and very affordable. :)

What about any of you? Care to share some helpful tips that'll make makeup application easier?

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  1. I wanted to try Browhaus but its too pricey sob sob

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  3. Great post Shen! Now I'm itching to try Browhaus and Obagi:p


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