House of Obagi Acne Cure Therapy, Glycolic Peel and ZO Oclipse

I've been wanting to try House of Obagi since I first heard of it opening in Greenbelt 5. But when I was given a gift card and a chance to visit House of Obagi, I didn't deny myself anymore.

My skin was sort of breaking out at that time for no apparent reason but to piss me off. I've got this huge zit on my chin that it was a hell to look at. The doctor recommended Acne Cure Therapy, a treatment that I want to try since I think that many Filipinas share the same condition as I do. I also got the Glycolic Peel that is a good partner for Acne Cure Therapy. I also had my pimples injected with steroids to help it flatten much faster.

House of Obagi only has two rooms so appointments are a must. I had mine booked days in advance. You'll be asked to lie down as usual and you'll be fitted with your head band and towels. You'll do nothing from then on. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the treatment.. Of course, I want to enjoy the treatment! I was in House of Obagi!! :)

The treatment lasts a lot longer compared to those I've tried in other clinics. Cleansing methods was really strict and all the products used are Obagi! Your face is in skin care product Heaven! What I notice is how cool the products was whenever it was applied on me. I asked if if it's because of temperature but it isn't, my faciaist told me. Some are really cool but some just adapted the room's temp.

The Cleansing

My face was scrubbed first with a good-smelling scrub. Next was gentle massage with a cleanser and then another massage. This happened for about 20 minutes. Then my face was steamed for preparation of pricking. The pricking was very tolerable. My facialist's hand was really soft and light that I hardly felt any pain at all. I have low pain threshold so this part is really tough on me. But I was glad that I didn't suffer all that much. Also, sicne I've had years of experience of getting facials, I know when my face was not thoroughly cleansed (in pricking) and even with the facialist's light hands, I felt that she got a good amount of whiteheads and blackheads.

No Ouchie... much

Pricking is an important part of facial for me. I use a lot of makeup and often cleansing is not enough to remove them, no matter how hard I try. Since I have large pores, this is doubly hard for me. So, I really make sure that whenever I get a facial, there's pricking involve. To remove the excess dirt and to prevent my pimples from coming out. I know many are apprehensive and more so scared to try it, I'm not really going to force you... But for me, facial with pricking is the best facial to prevent my pimples. :)


House of Obagi really didn't disappoint on that regard. It's one of the best facials I've tried in a really long time. From the products used to prep my face, to how it was steamed and then, pricked.

Finishing up

Two of my most favorite part of the Acne Cure Therapy is the laser and mask. Call me weird, but I love of the scent that the laser gives off! LOL! It's one of the most anticipated part of the therapy foe me. The Glytone mask aids in speeding up the healing process and to aid skin renewal. If there's just one reason for me to get this facial again, I'd say its the mask! It's like a treatment in itself! I felt my skin reacting from it and it's reacting in a good way. It only last 5 to 10 minutes, too!

Hands down, this is by far the best treatment for Acne that I've tried. You really are paying for the quality of the treatment.


The Glycolic Peel

Since I know it'll be awhile the next time I go back for a facial, I decided to get the Glycolic Peel for the face. Peeling is such an addiction for me and I'm not to let a chance pass for me to try House of Obagi's Peeling treatments.

A doctor will facilitate this procedure (as it should be!), she first prepped my face, then applied the glycolic solution and asked me to give notice if the solution is intolerable. A neutralizer will be applied after letting the glycolic solution sit for a minute or two. After that, you're done!

Glycolic Peel is really recommended for those who wants to reduce the dark spots from their skin post-acne treatments. Peeling in Glycolic is not too visible to the naked eye. You'll hardly even feel your skin peeling as days past. The only downside is that the solution feels a bit sting-y on the face. Like ants moving around your face. It could get uncomfortable but not too much that you can't tolerate it.

Glycolic is one of my most favorite peeling procedures because you'll really feel the effects after two to three days. Even now, weeks after my procedure, my skin is still very smooth. :)

Post-procedure: Obagi ZO Oclipse

After getting my KI for my pimples, my facialist applied Obagi ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen and Primer SPF 30. It's a tinted mineral sunscreen that just made me look decent for walking out of the clinic. My eyes did look sleepy but the redness from the injection and pricking was hardly noticeable. (see above pictures)

Photo Credit to Obagi website

With previous facials, my face would be uber red that I'd have to go home immediately after treatment for fear that I'd scare many people with my red bleeding face. I even had dinner and coffee with friends after my facial. :) Oclipse acted as a makeup but with healing and protection benefits. No wonder Phoebe and Sophie liked it so much!

The Result

I'm a happy lady walking out of House of Obagi. But best of all, my face felt fabulous for weeks that I wasn't even wearing face makeup when I go out. I was able to just go out with a cheek stain, mascara and gloss. :) Evidence?

Me sans Makeup! :)

Now, I'm incorporating the Clenziderm set in my Anti-aging skin care products to prevent pimples from breaking out. I'll post review that soon. :)

A visit in House of Obagi may be a bit more expensive than our usual facials but if you really want the best for your skin and something that will really work, then I'm telling you now that you will get your money's worth in House of Obagi. And quite honestly, you'd save a lot more in the long run because your skin will definitely improve. :)

House of Obagi is located at Greenbelt 5, beside Beabi.

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  1. With you and Rowena raving about the Obagi clinic, I want to go there na. Unfortunately, I did a negative review of the Clenziderm in face can't stand it. But I want to go and have treatments at Obagi.

  2. hi! how much is the facial and glycolic peel? thanks!

  3. you look so good in your photo without makeup! your skin looks sooo smooth! hmmm... i think i'll be stepping in the House of Obagi!

  4. the results are really visible! I'd like to try this int he hopes that I'd find a solution to my super dry skin. I know it's not cheap but approximately how much would I have to shell out per session? thnks!

  5. did you have scabs after the acne cure therapy?

    i've been using the house of obagi's clenziderm set for more than a month now and somehow, it helps. i just had my acne cure therapy and glycolic peel at SM north last friday (feb. 11, '11), as advised by my attending dermatologist. the dermatologist also injected kenacort on my huge zits, they were only 2 actually.

    even before with other skin clinics, i didn't like having facial because it hurts a lot. when i had the acne cure therapy, there was pain of course. i just thought the benefits will be worth all the pain, and the expenses of course. but now i'm a bit disappointed because i think my face got irritated with the acne cure therapy because some pimples appeared just a day after the therapy. before i underwent the therapy, i only had 2 visible zits. now it seems i have lots of it already, originating from those that the nurse pricked. and the scabs are adding up to my burden. almost everything that she pricked left obvious scabs, and some turned into pimples as i said already.

    it's really annoying and disturbing because i went to their clinic to clear my face from blemishes. i'm planning to complain about this matter but i want to make sure that i am not being unreasonable. if this happened to you also, then maybe i would just wait for the scabs to fall off. only if they have any kind of guarantee or they would just make up with the "errors" which i think their staff did.. **sigh**

    thank you so much and i hope you can help me with my issue!

  6. i bought zo eclipse coz jheng raves about it! i like it too actually. unfortunately, it has silicone pala, i just found out i'm allergic to it =(

  7. would have been nicer if you included how much the whole treatment was...

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  10. does HOO accept credit cards for their products? Thank you!

  11. i have very sensitive skin any chemicals would not allow to my skin:(( wish i could go also to that kind of treatment!!!

  12. Great post I must say. Simple but yet interesting and engaging. Keep up a good work!

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