From Virgo to Leo??

Due to the earth's wobble, our zodiac signs are now rearranged and this causes some major ruckus on social media networks as early as Thursday. Also with the recent addition of a new zodiac, Orphiuchus, many are in denial that they could even see themselves as a man holding a snake.

Astronomer Kunkle, who declared this recent news understandably don't think that this is not a cause for panic. But for many people (especially those who had their zodiac tattooed on their body), this is a major news. And I really can't blame them when you've believed most of your life that you are something and suddenly, you've been stripped of that believe with hardly an explanation at all...

As for me, I was quite in denial of the news as I've loved being a Virgo, determined, focus, put together and perfectionist. But having read Leo's trait, I can't say that I can't relate to it as well, it being proud, craves for the spotlight and live life straightforward but with a flair of drama. Really, I can't say I'm not also a Leo... But I can also say the same for Gemini which is talkative, champion of cocktail parties and can bounce from topic to topic. Also same goes for Pisces who are very emphatic, emotional and spiritual.  (

This got me thinking that horoscopes or astrology is really just a guide... much like a friend telling you that you can wear gold accessories when you've always chosen silver. It's just another way to brave the day ahead of us, a suggestion that we can either take or not...

So, let's not overanalyze this and just enjoy each of our every day. :)

And if you believe in Horoscopes and astrology and is outraged with this recent news, this ariticle ought to settle you down.

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  1. Before I read the new dates, I knew I had to still be a leo and I am, it didn't change. I am exactly as a leo is described. Welcome to the club :)


    If you read the articles you will see that what we know as the Zodiac and what they are saying is the Zodiac are completely different things. Yes, the sun has moved over time, but astrology doesn't use the positions anymore, it uses the time of birth during a season, which hasn't changed. Hope that helps.

  3. LOL. I read that CNN article just this morning too and I was laughing because if they're going to go with the seasons, they should take into consideration climate change. ROFL.


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