Conclusion on the Humiliating Event

I'm so thankful for all the response I got!!

I came upon the conclusion that I will not entirely share what happened at the event. I've thought long and hard enough that if I'm not a blogger I would probably just be blabbing it to my friends and did what I did, blab in on FB and twitter as a normal person would.

I am mad, but I realize that this blog is not an outlet for negative things. I got hurt, got humiliated and I even put a friend through all that which doubled the embarrassment. I emailed them and they have replied but I found it unsatisfactory. I guess they did their part already as far as their company is concerned.

As for me, I am still dealing with it far longer than I expected to.

I consider blogging a solace. I guess you all know that much about me. This is not my bread and butter. Blogging makes me happy and after the incident, I ran out of mojo to write. But I can't be affected by that one event. After all, I owe it to many people to continue writing for they are part of the reason why I'm happier in this endeavor in the first place. Yeah, I'm talking about you guys!! :)

I love to write and I love blogging so much more. The freedom to write whenever I want, to control the content coming in. Heck, even the free stuff and events add the big dollop of cherries for me....

I know I can't be ruined by this one incident. And as someone who ran her own business, this should not ruin their company, too.

Needless to say, after all that ranting and after all those anguish, I will try to be the better woman and forget all about this incident.

I sincerely thank all my readers for being patient and for understanding the lack of posts on my blog for the past few days.

I promised myself never get to hurt... but it's inevitable. Everyone, even the strongest person gets hurt. Even the most popular person gets humiliated and duped. That's reality....

But what I learned from all of this is that I am more than what they thought of me and I shouldn't care that they thought less of me. What's important is that after this, I got out of it with my head held high.

Let me share to a song that inspires whenever I need some motivating.

"Cause when push comes to shove
You taste what you're made of
You might bend, till you break
Cause its all you can take
On your knees you look up
Decide you've had enough
You get mad you get strong
Wipe your hands shake it off
Then you Stand, Then you stand"

The words above are so powerful for me. It always make me see the silver lining in a situation, as if telling me that I need to move on already and continue with my life coz it's not going to wait for me.

I know I can get pass this and soon, it's only my ego that I have to deal with whenever I remember this incident.

But for now, I can say that I'm okay. Still a little bit bruised (and mad, yes) but doing way lot better than the past few days.

Thanks so much for taking the time to provide me with your thoughts. I really appreciate it. With your encouragement to write about it, you've inspired me to the better woman in this situation. You made it seem a bit pointless to shed another thought about it. With your support, I gained more of that dignity I lost at the event. With your words, you inspired me to be just me.... not ultimately good person but not entirely a bad one... rather, just a discerning one.

And to that girl who made a face at me when I asked her a question, may you find a way to be a lot better at your job. Because the next person who's going to see that reaction might just be a lot bitchier than me and slap you to fix it. :) Cheers. :)

Thanks all so much again!!!

Love you guys to pieces!!

much much love,

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  1. Smile, Shen!

    I just read about the experience now and on your FB. I am appalled at their rudeness. If a newbie blogger like me were treated that way, I would have developed such distaste for events. Hay.

    But now, your post sounds like you;re better now! (Funny ang bitch-slap comment!)

    Take care dearie!

  2. you are a strong person, Shen and though I have little to know clue of what happened at the event, I am certain that if in any way a host act unprofessionally towards you, causing you to feel humiliated, you ought not take it too hard on yourself.
    Some people are just obnoxious by nature and it's just a matter of time that they get a taste of their own medicine.

  3. Way to go girl! That girl (who gave you the face) ain't worth your writing/ blogging effort ^_^ ...anyway, let the beauty reviews continue!


  4. I'm still boycotting their brand. Hehe. You're so very nice, Shen. :)

  5. You are such a mature person sis Shen ! I am so proud of you, you show who you are and at the end, you let these people make you a stronger woman as you are now! :) Glad I was able to chit chat with you before I left for Korea, more bonding moments with the girls in the future!

  6. Hi Ms. Shen. I have been following your blog for three years now. even if i comment once in a blue moon, I read all your posts (and if i miss one, i back read). no bola. And I always admire how you could connect to your readers with your posts, and how you never run of things to share, may it be about make-up or anything under the sun. I dont really know what happened, but I just want to let you know that I'm one of your readers, and i hope that you wont stop making posts. If there are some people who makes you feel bad, just think of the other people who are always willing to read (or listen) to your ideas, and blabs (in FB? hehe). Anyway, i think you' re strong, and this wont really affect you in the long run. goodluck Ms. Shen! cheer up =)

  7. I totally agree with Nikki, you are such a mature person! and I should say you are a very responsible blogger. I am very proud, happy (not bec of what happened) but for the person you are and have become. TC Shen!see you around.. =)

  8. i really admire and applaud your decency in the matter and not drop names or name the place and the event to which this whole fiasco happened to you. grabe kung sa akin nangyari yan, gera, in my new pink outfit no less. [kung tama ako sa iyong pinaguusapan LOL]

    i think it takes a great deal of self control to do what you just did.

    i'm pretty sure the feedback they get on their fb page should suffice.

    God bless, iha, and more power to you, your blog and your decency.


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