Event: The Body Shop Eco-Conscious Rainforest Haircare at Ystilo Salon

Hello Beauties and Gents,

You know I love almost about anything that is The Body Shop. But I've never tried anything from their Hair Care line. It's so funny because I was watching this show called Idiot Abroad and the guy there went to India and saw some skin care products that are made with cow dung. He then said that in UK you'd never see The Body Shop selling those kind of stuff.

Quite true because as much as nature-friendly The Body Shop is, they still maintain the best quality in their products. So, that's definitely jackpot for a beauty maverick like me. So when I got an invite to try their latest hair care line in partnership at Ystilo Salon, even with horrible traffic and parking spot, I braved the event. :) Yah, I'm crazy for beauty like that.

Here's the photos I got to take during that time. I super super enjoyed it and thanks to the wonderful The Body Shop for appreciating bloggers like me and letting me try their products first hand.

They all smell so good!

Eco-Friendly Rainforest Hair Care and Brilliant Bamboo Brushes

You've probably seen this ad ain The Body Shop stores.

Ystilo Salon Greenhills

This circle logo means that whenever you see this stamp, the product is eco-friendly and using it won't harm the environment.

Yes, we don't want those silicones, sulphates, colorants and parabens.
Not only is it harmful to our body, it's also harmful to Mother Nature.

Rinse time!

enjoying my hair treatment.

Soft gorgeous hair. :)

feeling really good!

I'm not a tree0hunger of any kind but it definitely feels good when you know you're using a product that doesn't harm Mother Nature. And the fact that I'm not compromising the needs of my hair, that's more than enough for me to try this line. :)

I will talk more about this line in my upcoming posts.

But if you like, you can visit The Body Shop store near you.

I like the Shine line. Smells so fresh and really gives that satiny look to the hair.
Oh! The Moisture Hair Butter is a must try, too!

much love,

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  1. I am currently using the bilberry range for coloured hair, it's really nice!
    I haven't tried the shine one, must give it a go!

  2. Thanks for posting Shen! :D until next time! :)


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