Question to all my readers: Should I or Should I not?

Would you think less of me if I blog about an incident that happened to me in an event?

The situation was quite humiliating, not only as blogger but as a guest in general.

It happened last Thursday but I still am very mad about the whole situation.

So, what you do think? Do I share it here or let it go?

I would really appreciate your feedback... :)

much love,

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  1. I would share it Shen, why did they invite you in the first place if they would not treat you right.

    Much love,


  2. I think it's your call. If nothing will get lost then go vent out and blog about it!:) If it's really worth sharing it and will make you feel better, then go. Whatever it is, it's going to be fine. *hugs*

  3. You should as 1st, you were invited. 2nd, it's your blog. And 3rd, you don't deserve to be treated that way.

  4. I would recommend that you blog about it in a constructive manner. =)

  5. Whatever your gut tells you sis! :) People who know you really well won't think less of you whatever you write in your space :)

  6. share it :) it's your blog after all,

  7. I am more than your blog's reader, your friend. And I tried asking myself what I would do if it happened to me, and came up with nothing. I guess that is a tough predicament, S, but follow what your heart says. If there's anything I've learned, there are no second guesses. Follow your heart :)

    Love ya, whether you blog about it or not. Mwah!

  8. I believe in the right to express oneself so of course you should go right ahead and get things off your chest.

    Having said that, I must also say that all rights come with responsibility. You must be careful you don't come across as whiny :) Even if sila ang mali, if you write your complaint in a petulant way, then you may be perceived as too sensitive, etc.

    Believe me. I've been there! As that adage goes, "Print and be damned!" So make sure that whatever you write, kaya mong panindigan. Good luck!

    Lola Frances

  9. Of course you know that I love you no matter what you say! Kasi kilala kita. And nabastos ka naman talaga so grrrrr!

  10. If you feel the need to share it, please do so. Nothing like that will make us think less of you. :) I may have never met you in person at all but I think you are such a nice girl and I don't think you deserve to be treated badly enough to make you mad about it.

    But just like that others have mentioned here, it is entirely up to you if you would share it or not. :)

  11. you know what, i think a man

    would not think twice

    about writing about something that made him angry.

    why are you hesitating?

    seriously, it's part of your freedom as a blogger. xo

  12. This is a bit late but here's my two-cents, anyway.

    Feel free to share it. Remember that your readers also include companies who want to invite you in their events and your sharing can help them prepare with their own events.

    But be objective about it. Sure, your friends will love you no matter what but I assume most of your readers are not your friends. If they feel that you are too whiny, they would lose interest in your posts. But if they feel you are objective about it and that you are willing to work it out what the company that offended, this shows your professionalism and ethical behavior as a blogger, and your readers will respect you for it.

  13. I think you should. It would do a lot of bloggers a favor so they know which events to go to. :) I guess it's back to the Multiply sellers for me.

  14. share it,sis!

    i may not able to leave comment but i read your blog & i respect every thing that you say. plus what you experienced will just help other 'events/company' as well to be organized to avoid whatever bad experience that had happened to you.

  15. i'm sorry you went thru what you went thru. i was looking forward to seeing you pa naman [if i'm right about that thurs event you're speaking of].

    all i can say is, just like the song, there's always a side b to every story. i was there, was able to go in an out and they merely checked the stamp on my wrist. i was invited to. it's the organizer's fault for not being organized and not handling ALL of the guests with the proper respect each human deserves. blog about it if you wish, in the end, it's the readers who will decide if they'll support that brand, hire the organizers used in that event, and what not. at least we get to be informed, thanks to you.

    God bless, iha, hopefully, one day, i meet you. take care


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