Sunday, August 31, 2008

FOTD: Urban Decay Ammo Palette (plummy purple)

Thanks to those who replied with your wonderful comments. Love yah guys! If there is something wrong with my makeup, feel free to email me with all the gory and insulting words you want. But if you will comment here, please REGULATE what you write. :) What is regulate? Just make sure that your comment is easy and nice but pointing out the wrong things that i made. You can even advise me on how to do it correctly. I'm not that easily dispirited with bad comments but i just don't need that here. I am a Psych grad and in law school after all, i've developed a higher understanding of people already. There are more crazier people than you. :)

Anyhoot... to the good stuff!

Despite the comments i receive regarding my flat nose and bad eye makeup application, here i am again posting my FOTD for the Swiper's birthday and meet up with the Beautynomist.

I used my Ammo Palette from Urban Decay and it proves to be a great collection. It's pigmented enough, easy to blend and not as shimmery as i thought it was. The palette has glitter on the top of the shadow so rub it off with your brush first before using. It will disappear, i promise. The colors though are very dupe-able. meaning, you can get either a bargain out of the palette or you may have similar colors in your stash. So, decide well. I got this as a gift so i didn't feel the pocket burden. :)

I used the purple shadows because it looks great with my satin blouse and hot pink skinny jeans. and yes, like Lurve, me love purples on the eyes.. :)

Please check out because this palette comes along with a FULL SIZE Urban Decay Primer Potion when you order online. click here.


Eyes-Urban Decay Ammo Paletee
Sin - all over lid til highlight,lower inner lid
Grifter - mid lid
Last Call - outer lid w/ crease,lower outer lid
Oil Slick - outer V
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest black (thanks to Renren for the great tut on using this)
Maybelline Volume Expess Mascara

Cheeks-Joppa Minerals Pink Lemonade

Face-Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Foundation in Sand Beige
Ellana Hazelnut Latte Foundation
Cargo Blu-ray pressed powder
Ellana Beloved to contour lightly

Lips-NYX Round l/s in Tea Rose

much love,

P.S. To Caris, Givenchy Phenomen'eyes is not available here in the Philippines. I'm not even sure if their makeup line are sold here. Will keep you updated on this. Or you can ask your relative or friend in abroad to get you one. :) That's what i'll do. :) (LOL! I'm such a parasite talaga!)

Swiper Swept Away

Last Friday, I became a part to one of the best Surprise Party and Gift of the Year '08.

It's the Swiper's 25th Birthday!

Held at Mi Piance Resturant, Peninsula Manila
(during and after Event)
The Food served at this resto is soooo delish!

Great food + Great Friends + Great Drinks + Great Hotel = A Great Surprise Party

Birthday girl
We are hoping she doesn't have a clue. :)

Birthday Girl with her friends. :)
(top: Claud, Phoebe(Birthday Girl. Red Lippie, dead giveaway. lol!), Roanne, Jane
sitting: Chay, me, Sophie, Sasha, Didi
i'm sooo thrilled to have finally met all of you!! :)
{img src}

My poison of the night: Singapore Sling... Yummo!

All i can say is that i'm fortunate to be a part of this event and especially the Surprise Party. :)
Thanks to the Bugged and Beautynomist for preparing this for our dear dear Swiper.
It was also great meeting you, girls! :)

We love yah, Phoebe!

muchos amores,

P.S. We still went for an after-after party at Temple Bar, Greenbelt.
Never drink Vodka Bull. You'd be up til 5am like I did! :)
Had fun bonding with you, guys and girls!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

So Kikay: Givenchy Phenomen'eyes

OMG! - this is my reaction when i first saw Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara in Sarah Victor's
Fall Makeup Tutorial in Youtube. It's so friggin' unique!

I immediately looked it up at and I found out about Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes

What it is:
A revolutionary new mascara designed to grip at lashes starting at the roots.

What it does:
Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara perfectly curls and separates lashes. It has a high-tech, patented round sphere at the tip of the precision wand that reaches every lash and adapts to all eye shapes. It's a Sephora exclusive.

What else you need to know:
The result? A beautifully fanned-out panoramic effect, holding the curve of your lashes perfectly in place.

Size: 0.24 oz

I've always been a bot wary buying expensive mascaras since i got this great tip from a pro makeup atrist that one way to save up with cosmetics is to not necessarily buy expensive mascaras because basically they can compare to cheaper ones and should be thrown up after 3 months. But definitely, you'll see me buying this one soon as it hit Manila or if it ever will be.

I like the applicator a lot!!! I was actually wanting a bigger tip mascara so i can get into the inner corner eyelashes. The spherical-tip design could definitely reach in to my shorter lashes and coat them beautiful. And the mascara it self is made of elastomer to provide easy-glide application.

Talk about taking mascaras to the next level! I just can't wait to get my hands on these.

$27 isn't that much for a new high-tech mascara right? i hope someone gets this for me on my birthday? lol!!!

Want to watch how it is use? Check out this vid of Sarah Victor.

much love,

Health: Back to You-gurt

I have a confession.

I've been slacking that i think i gained a lot since the Midterm week started. I eat when i'm stressed, unfortunately and i seem to have a bad bad craving for McDonald's McChicken Burger (upsize Coke, regular fries) and the McCafe's Blueberry Cheesecake. Again, very very bad. It is also not a help that McDo is literally a block away from my place. Actually, the only thing separating me from McDo is just an abandoned lot.

Living near McDonald's for almost a decade should have killed my craving from it. But it didn't. I still find it my solace and rescuer when i get lazy to cook. I actually buy my rice there when i have no patience with the rice cooker. Shoot me, why don't you? So, now that mids are over. I have no reason to visit that place anymore. I can't say to myself that i need sustenance while studying.

When the school started early this year, i got a lot of compliments i lost weight and it looks good to me. That was followed with the question, "What did you do?" Some presumed i am either going to the gym or taking diets pills. My answer, No and No. I actually eat yogurt.

Yes, yogurt. Why? I didn't know the actual benefits at first but i remember way back that yogurt is a good alternative for snacks and even dinner. So, for the whole Holy Week (which is also a time for penance) i only ate Yogurt for snacks and dinners accompanied with fruits. Since i can't cut off rice and Coke, I sacrificed my dinner time to just eating Yogurt. That week alone made me lose 5 pounds. I maintained that weight just recently. I don't need a weighing scale to tell me now that i gained weight because my calorie intake this week alone can feed about a hundred and one kids in Africa or maybe even more.

To support my testimonial, I have gathered these facts to inform you the benefit of eating yogurt.

Not only is yogurt a wonderful quick, easy and nutritious snack that is available year-round, but researchers are finding evidence that milk and yogurt may actually add years to your life as is found in some countries where yogurt and other fermented dairy products (like kefir) are a dietary staple.(

Yoghurt has nutritional benefits beyond those of milk: people who are moderately lactose-intolerant can enjoy yoghurt without ill effects, because the lactose in the milk precursor is converted to lactic acid by the bacterial culture. The reduction of lactose bypasses the affected individuals' need to process the milk sugar themselves.[2]

Yoghurt also has medical uses, in particular for a variety of gastrointestinal conditions,[3] and in preventing antibiotic-associated diarrhea.[4] One study suggests that eating yoghurt containing L. acidophilus helps prevent vulvovaginal candidiasis, though the evidence is not conclusive (wikipedia)

The yogurt eaters lost 22 percent more weight, 61 percent more body fat and 81 percent more stomach fat during the 12-week study. (

A study published in the April 2005 International Journal of Obesity looked at obese adults who cut 500 calories a day while consuming three daily servings of low-fat yogurt. It found that they lost significant amounts of fat, especially around the waist, while maintaining lean muscle tissue. The three-yogurts-a-day group lost 22% more weight, 61% more body fat, and 81% more stomach fat than a comparison group who ate just one serving of yogurt daily. ( women's diet secret entry)

There are more but i guess you get my point.

What i like about yogurt:
1. Cheap
2. Safe
3. Great for snacks especially with fruits
4. I can attest that i did lose weight eating this. :)
5. definitely won't feel guilty eating this for midnight snack.

What i don't like about yogurt:
1. I can never seem to get use to the taste. I actually eat more of the plain low fat yogurt rather than with the fruit variant. But the latter is more tolerable for others.

How i take my yogurt:
I eat dinner before 6pm. Then, if i get hungry during my study session, I grab this as my snacks I accompany this with slice fruits whatever is available in the fridge.

During lazy afternoon and i get a crazing for sweets, i grab a sweetened yogurt and lots of water. This is enought to make me feel full that i can get by until dinner time.

I can eat 2 to 3 yogurt a day.

Anytime i feel hungry , I just a grab a cup of yogurt and lots of water or fit and right juice.

Once in a while, I skip this and actually eat a full meal of dinner after 6pm.(we all got to have some break right?)

So the next time you do your grocery, grab a yogurt instead of your favorite snack.

much love,

Friday, August 29, 2008

Video: Sexy Hot Pink + mini update blog

Thank to Jiejie for jumpstarting my blogging about makeup. Here's a hot pink look you want, using the colors from my 120 palette. :)

The poses with me holding the phone is not an act. I was calling Pizza Hut delivery since the BF is visiting again. We really need to kill our craving for that resto. :) lol!

I finally got my eyebrows threaded after a long time. Great to look like a real person again and not a not-a-teenage-but-looking-like-a-werefolf-anyway. :) To experience less pain, get threaded every other week or 2 a month. this way, the roots of the hair isn't embeded too much and easier to pull. I love threading, it fast, easy and cheap. I got mine for roughly around $3 at Azta Urban Salon. I have yet to find a good one that does the whole face. :)

I went to get a facial again. My pores are huge and my blackheads are stubborn. I really must consider seeking a professionalhelp... AGAIN! bummer!

Anyhoot, here's a vid of my look. hope you enjoy them.

Here are the pics and products i used:

yes! please add extra hot sauce with the pizza.

calling for additional fettuccine alfredo.

Barenaturals primer
Ellana Hazelnut Latte

Joppa Minerals blush in Iced Plum

Elianto Eye Base
MAC Beige-ing
Careline glamour eyes in Platinum
120 palette using the white, sparkly white, hot pink and baby pink colors
MAC Blacktrack and Revlon Liquid liner in Blackest black
VOV white eyeliner
TFS Freshian Volumizing Mascara in Curling 02

NYX round l/s in Rose
The Body Shop Lip Prism

wiv half or my 120 palette. :)

hope you like this look!

much love,

Thursday, August 28, 2008

beauty blog: Clueless

hi beautiful,

I finally have extra time to blog about makeup and beauty products! But i have a problem! i'm clueless! So much to do but no clue. :) hehehe

So, help me out please. What do you want me to do first? :)

much love,

personal: the bf at midnight

The bf at midnight went to my place... to do what???

to bring me food and libation. plus a cake too..

The bf and i were YM'ing when we felt a sudden craving for Pizaa Hut's BBQ ribs appetizer. He asked me if i wanted him to come over... I smiled and said "O.k." in a shy manner with matching blushing.. It was such a spur of the moment that my heart was traitorously beating fast.

Unfortunately, Pizza hut was already closed past midnight for delivery. I quickly called up the bf to tell him that he could go back to his house since we can't order anymore. He said he'll go anyway... Then i got a call and he asked if i want something from Mickey D's. I just said i want McChicken Burger Value Meal.. sigh! He's so sweet.

Despite the raging carbo and chalorie intake, what i'll end up with is probably diabetis because the is just too sweet for his own good. Note that he live about a city away from my place and went here nevertheless.. Le sigh (double!).

While here, we watched a DVD movie while we munched on our not-so-nutrcious-bu-oh-so-good fries, burger and spaghetti. I was also drinking a go big time coke at about 1am. After that, we fell asleep in each other's arms with our little baby doze off in his uber expensive dog bed.

Come 4am, he woke me up and says he gots go to.. sad sigh here... I walked him out to our gate and kissed him good night...

well, it could be for good morning too.


happy and overly full,

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Issues + Aug. 30 early meet up, anyone?

Ok, two issues i ran across with regard to our Pow Wow is...

Time and Location

Time: I know some Pinay Beauty Bloggers are either a student or have hard time going out at night. So sorry about this. But whatever is decided on (majority), we will make sure you can attend by helping you out.

Location: I know a lot of us live in different parts of Manila... Maybe we can establish a middle ground if we can't decide where to meet. Middleground meaning what is fair and just to the majority. I myself live far but if the venue is miles away from my place, i will definitely make the effort. That's how excited i am to meet you guys...


August 30 seems to be a good date for a lot of us... :) This is not yet a pow wow! But for those who just wanna have snacks or even dinner. We can meet up in Ortigas around 5 to 6pm and maybe brainstorm about the upcoming event. :)

much love,

Pinay Pow wow (let's get those sched already!)

hi! to those interested in joining the Pinay Pow Wow in Manila, please email me @ gee[underscore]leeshen[at]yahoo[dot]com the ff.

-preferred date and time
-preferred venue
-preferred budget
-preferred location (please be considerate on this part.) :)
-preferred activities for the evening (ex. after party etc.)

Kikay Pinay aka Shen's answer:
- Preferred date and time: I'm good on a saturday night on 2nd week or 3rd week of September or this coming august 30. :)
(i'm not available 1st week and 4th week of sept due to bar operation month)
- preferred venue: Legend Villas, Pioneer(para intimate!) or any good Filipino Restaurant (in lieu of the Pinay Pow wow)
- preferred venue: Ortigas Area
- preferred budget: P500 to P800??? i'm not sure..
- preferred activities: HG Swapping(thanks to Ms Pinkx for this original idea), after party (yeah!! drink ladies, please!)
-suggestion: I'm still blank due to midterms but i'll update you when i think of something.

This Pow wow is open to anyone. :) So we definitely need fast response in order for me and who ever chooses to help me organize this better. :) I'll be posting polls soon when i get all your suggestions and answers. :) since we can't do a meet up for the organizing, we'll be doing this the cyber/techie way. Please cooperate! :) TY!

Can't wait!

much love,

vlog update: why no post + Philippine Pow wow anyone?

Friday, August 22, 2008


please click photo to visit my site

Hi! On September 15, 2008 i will be turning twenty something.. :) So, from August 25, 2008(7am) until September 15, 2008(11:45PM)...

i will be having a Birthday Sale. :)


FREE SHIPPING FOR PURCHASES OVER Php1000.00 and above worth of orders. :)
this is anywhere in the philippines. :) VIA Air21 or Xend (whichever you prefer)

FREE 1 ELLANA BLUSH in 1g Jar (of your choice!) for orders over Php1500.00!

5% off on orders worth Php500 to Php999.00!

My mom always tell me to share my blessings so.... here it is! :)

Happy Shopping and Love yourself more! :)

*sets are not included. :)

all ELLANA PRODUCTS are now available in 1g jar for your road testing! product prices varies.

much love,

Video: Paramore Inspired Eye Makeup Look using mmu

I truly am a rocker deep inside. :)

I love the eye makeup look Haley of the band Paramore was sporting during their MTV Live performance. :) I can't believe how fab the Pureluxe eyeshadows are. I love it!!! :)

Here's the vid. Again excuse the ramblings. this is what Typhoon Karen got me doing.. :)



Careline Glamour Eyes in Platinum
Pureluxe's Sunny side up
Pureluxe's Tangerine
MAD Mineral's Fire Opal

Ellana Mineral Blush in Heaven (OMG! Totally love it esp for a quick flush look! definitely great partner with this yellow orange look.)

NYX Iced Coffe Jumpo Lip Pencil
NYX Lipgloss in Perfect
NYX Lipgloss in Gold Pink
(you can definitely forgo the perfect)

Yeah! lol! (just making fun of myself)

I really love multipurpose mineral powders. It's so vibrant and packing is not a chore. And cheap too. :)

See Swatches of some of the Products below, revisit the ff.:
Careline Glamour Eyes
Pureluxe Mineral eye colors

Other looks I've used with MAD and Pureluxe:
Red to Pink
Bad Girl
Pussycat Dolls Inspired Look
Kat Von D Inspired Look
Work Day eotd
Rave Look

That's all for now. :) I still have midterms after all. Hehehe!

much love,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Video: HIP duo in Flamboyant & UDDS (w/ pics)

I finally got around to playing with my L'oreal HIP Bright Shadow Duo in Flamboyant. I find that it is not as pigmented as i want it to be... :( I know.. i'm disappointed myself. :(

Again, after a few days of not having a zit, i'm now bombarded by new zit tourists who seem to enjoy vacationing on my face... probably the lack of fluids and sleep. :( bummer..

OH! and i made a vid of me doing the makeup with this one. :) ENJOY! and excuse the rambling. :)



L'oreal Decrease
Elianto Eyebase/Mac Painterly
L'oreal HIP Bright Shadow Duo in Flamboyant
Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Set (UDDSS) in Zero on the outer 1/3 of lid
Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow (UDDSS) in Scratch as highlight
MAC Blacktrack
TFS Freshian Mascara in Curling 02

Barenaturals in Viva Sofia mineral blush

Nyx lipgloss in Perfect

much love,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Product Review: Monistat Chafing Relief Powdel Gel

Gel-like consistensy
A bit thicker to typical gel,
will glide with a little more effort. blend well onto the skin.

about 3 to 4 peanut size on the whole face concentrating on t-zone area.

Staying Power:
(please note i use sunblock before Monistat and using mineral makeup foundation)
Crowded Party (non airconditioned room): 1 to 2 hours before using blotting paper or touch ups
School, including commute: 4 to 6 hours before using blotting paper or retouch
Malling or date: 4 to 6 hours before retouch or using a blotting paper.

varies (not more than $7 a tube)
here in manila, usually sold by independent seller for Php470 and above.

Noticeable changes:
Upon using Monistat anti-chafing gel, i saw a definite improvement with my makeup application. what i appreciate more is the fact that when i apply my foundation, it looks more even compared to not using one.

Another definite improvement is that my makeup(foundation and blush) lasts longer. but definitely not an 8 hour thing for me. But i find myself not doing a lot of touch ups Although the oiliness of my skin is still a challenge to this product since oils are very much visible on my skin on the 3nd or 4ourth hour depending on where i am. Bugger... i know. Still, i have to bring my oil blotting paper with this primer.

As for a cheaper alternative to primers since we all know that primers in the Philippines are near inexistent or either very expensive, this one does the job well. Definitely ask your relatives or friends from abroad to get you one.

Where i use it often:
Since i have stocked up on this product (thanks to my generous US citizen relatives), i used this mainly everyday for school and errands to wherever. I have to use this often since the consistency of this product will turn very very dry and goopy when it has expired(like a toothpaste that hasn't been used). Not to mention that an expired product is never to be used in any part of your body!

The Downside:
What i am not pysched about this product is the expiry date. Also that i have to blend it well on my skin since i find that this is harder to blend compared to the other primers that i have tested. meaning, you won't get the coverage you want if you don't blend well.

Another is that there is no added benefit whatsoever with using this product except as a primer or chafing relief gel. There's no sunblock or any other ingredient that can improve or help skin un like the other primers that i came across with.

What to watch out for?
I have to give you the heads up that a fellow beauty blogger has noticed that this primer has been giving her blackheads. So, just watch out for that. I have not experienced this but since i have open pores and usually have blackheads(thanks to bad genes and habit), i pretty much don't see the difference. It's not noticeable especially when i get my weekly facials.

Do i recommend this?
Yes. Especially to those that are not really conscious on what they put on their faces and looking for cheaper alternative face primers. I think those who experience less oiliness on the t-zone will definitely love this product.

The verdict?
The Kikay Pinay gives this product: 3.5 out 5 Kikay Pinay Points.

Hope this helps. Please provide constructive comments and reactions below.

Have you tried Monistat as face primer?

much love,

Monday, August 18, 2008

For Mr. R: Happy Third Anniversary

August 2008.

Three Years.

When people ask me how long we've been a couple and i answer them, they were surprised to know that we have only been together for a short while. We seem to always have that look that we have been together for more than three years. We have that look of "forever". I don't know what it is in you that draws me everytime. From the moment i met you, i was attracted to you. I can't help but fall in love. I guess its true what they say about soul mates.

Three whole years of laughter and tears. Although most of it were full of happiness, we had our share of fights. Yet we rise above them. I guess we have indeed conquered a lot during the past years. Did i say, I love how level-headed you are. That you don't mind me when i'm ranting. I should be piss off but i'm not because you know i talk a lot and you let me. Then, just before the night ends, we're okay again. I love how you make me admit that its truly my fault when it is and that you apologize when its yours.

I can't say enough how you are like the heros in the books i read. You are the fulfillment of my dreams and fantasies.You love me like i was never loved before. You give me respect like no other. I never thought that someone like you could fall for me the way you did. I love how responsible and reckless you are at the same time. Like an action hero who knows what he’s doing. For knowing the things i want and need, when i want and need them. For understanding me whenever i'm i'm having problems with my life. You don't say the right things but you definitely know the right things to do. You don't spoil or cuddle me but you give me the best. You support me in everything i do and don’t easily judge me. Most of all, i love you for how you make me feel. You make me feel like a queen, a woman who deserves everything. And for that i want to be the best girl for you.

I'm sure that you are the one. definitely, positively sure.

And i'm not afraid to show the whole world that this is exactly how i feel for you.

i love you, Hun, my forever.

your lady,


Be Without You - Mary J. Blige

I wanna be with you, gotta be with you, need to be with you
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
I wanna be with you, gotta be with you, need to be with you
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
Oooo (oh, oh, oh, oh) oooo

Chemistry was crazy from the get-go
Neither one of us knew why
We didn't build nothing overnight
Cuz a love like this takes some time
People swore it off as a phase
Said we can't see that
Now from top to bottom
They see that we did that (yes)
It's so true that (yes)
We've been through it (yes)
We got real sh** (yes)
See baby we been...

Too strong for too long (and I can't be without you baby)
And I'll be waiting up until you get home (cuz I can't sleep without you baby)
Anybody who's ever loved, ya know just what I feel
Too hard to fake it, nothing can replace it
Call the radio if you just can't be without your baby

I got a question for ya
See I already know the answer
But still I wanna ask you
Would you lie? (no)
Make me cry? (no)
Do somethin' behind my back and then try to cover it up?
Well, neither would I, baby
My love is only your love (yes)
I'll be faithful (yes)
I'm for real (yes)
And with us you'll always know the deal
We've been...

Too strong for too long (and I can't be without you baby)
And I'll be waiting up until you get home (cuz I can't sleep without you baby)
Anybody who's ever loved, ya know just what I feel
Too hard to fake it, nothing can replace it
Call the radio if you just can't be without your baby

See this is real talk
I'm always stay (no matter what)
Good or bad (thick and thin)
Right or wrong (all day everyday)
Now if you're down on love or don't believe
This ain't for you (no, this ain't for you)
And if you got it deep in your heart
And deep down you know that it's true (come on, come on, come on)
Well, let me see you put your hands up (hands up)
Fellas tell your lady she's the one (fellas tell your lady she's the one, oh)
Put your hands up (hands up)
Ladies let him know he's got your love
Look him right in his eyes and tell him
We've been...

Too strong for too long (and I can't be without you baby)
And I'll be waiting up until you get home (cuz I can't sleep without you baby)
Anybody who's ever loved, ya know just what I feel
Too hard to fake it, nothing can replace it
Call the radio if you just can't be without your baby

Pepper Lunch: It just keeps getting better

Last week, R and I found ourselves going to Power Plant Mall... Actually, i gave him hints. I was having a bad day and i need a good meal to make me feel good. And as a loving BF, he indulged me without much ado.

Where else to go but to... Pepper Lunch. :)

Since it was a weekday and already 4pm, there was no line and more seats available (Thank you GOD!). It was also a chance to really look around the place. And i like what i see. Although it was not rush hour, there is a minimal traffic, people going in and out of the resto. In short, i doubt this place ever experienced an empty seat since they started. :) The last time i was here, i had so much fun with my Beaty blogger friends and that experienced just made PL a memorable one.

Why not make another with the BF?

I love the interior. Its not so heavy on the eyes unlike some other restos i've been to and not too crowded with decorations.. -- kikay pinay's amateur opinion.

For R: The Famous Shimofuri Steak. Yum! Definitely melts in your mouth. :) I mean it!

For me: Pork Pepper Rice + additional Pork (hehehe! told yah Sophie! I'm a pork girl)
I don't think i'll ever tire of this. :)


Molten Chocolate Cake ala Mode... (my four favorite words)

Fed and happy!

It was quite funny how we ate in silence. We only paused to talk when we are sharing our meals. :) But the dessert was quite a bonding moment for me and R coz we took our time eating it. love love it!

much love,
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