Pepper Lunch: It just keeps getting better

Last week, R and I found ourselves going to Power Plant Mall... Actually, i gave him hints. I was having a bad day and i need a good meal to make me feel good. And as a loving BF, he indulged me without much ado.

Where else to go but to... Pepper Lunch. :)

Since it was a weekday and already 4pm, there was no line and more seats available (Thank you GOD!). It was also a chance to really look around the place. And i like what i see. Although it was not rush hour, there is a minimal traffic, people going in and out of the resto. In short, i doubt this place ever experienced an empty seat since they started. :) The last time i was here, i had so much fun with my Beaty blogger friends and that experienced just made PL a memorable one.

Why not make another with the BF?

I love the interior. Its not so heavy on the eyes unlike some other restos i've been to and not too crowded with decorations.. -- kikay pinay's amateur opinion.

For R: The Famous Shimofuri Steak. Yum! Definitely melts in your mouth. :) I mean it!

For me: Pork Pepper Rice + additional Pork (hehehe! told yah Sophie! I'm a pork girl)
I don't think i'll ever tire of this. :)


Molten Chocolate Cake ala Mode... (my four favorite words)

Fed and happy!

It was quite funny how we ate in silence. We only paused to talk when we are sharing our meals. :) But the dessert was quite a bonding moment for me and R coz we took our time eating it. love love it!

much love,

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