Video: Paramore Inspired Eye Makeup Look using mmu

I truly am a rocker deep inside. :)

I love the eye makeup look Haley of the band Paramore was sporting during their MTV Live performance. :) I can't believe how fab the Pureluxe eyeshadows are. I love it!!! :)

Here's the vid. Again excuse the ramblings. this is what Typhoon Karen got me doing.. :)



Careline Glamour Eyes in Platinum
Pureluxe's Sunny side up
Pureluxe's Tangerine
MAD Mineral's Fire Opal

Ellana Mineral Blush in Heaven (OMG! Totally love it esp for a quick flush look! definitely great partner with this yellow orange look.)

NYX Iced Coffe Jumpo Lip Pencil
NYX Lipgloss in Perfect
NYX Lipgloss in Gold Pink
(you can definitely forgo the perfect)

Yeah! lol! (just making fun of myself)

I really love multipurpose mineral powders. It's so vibrant and packing is not a chore. And cheap too. :)

See Swatches of some of the Products below, revisit the ff.:
Careline Glamour Eyes
Pureluxe Mineral eye colors

Other looks I've used with MAD and Pureluxe:
Red to Pink
Bad Girl
Pussycat Dolls Inspired Look
Kat Von D Inspired Look
Work Day eotd
Rave Look

That's all for now. :) I still have midterms after all. Hehehe!

much love,

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