Video: Sexy Hot Pink + mini update blog

Thank to Jiejie for jumpstarting my blogging about makeup. Here's a hot pink look you want, using the colors from my 120 palette. :)

The poses with me holding the phone is not an act. I was calling Pizza Hut delivery since the BF is visiting again. We really need to kill our craving for that resto. :) lol!

I finally got my eyebrows threaded after a long time. Great to look like a real person again and not a not-a-teenage-but-looking-like-a-werefolf-anyway. :) To experience less pain, get threaded every other week or 2 a month. this way, the roots of the hair isn't embeded too much and easier to pull. I love threading, it fast, easy and cheap. I got mine for roughly around $3 at Azta Urban Salon. I have yet to find a good one that does the whole face. :)

I went to get a facial again. My pores are huge and my blackheads are stubborn. I really must consider seeking a professionalhelp... AGAIN! bummer!

Anyhoot, here's a vid of my look. hope you enjoy them.

Here are the pics and products i used:

yes! please add extra hot sauce with the pizza.

calling for additional fettuccine alfredo.

Barenaturals primer
Ellana Hazelnut Latte

Joppa Minerals blush in Iced Plum

Elianto Eye Base
MAC Beige-ing
Careline glamour eyes in Platinum
120 palette using the white, sparkly white, hot pink and baby pink colors
MAC Blacktrack and Revlon Liquid liner in Blackest black
VOV white eyeliner
TFS Freshian Volumizing Mascara in Curling 02

NYX round l/s in Rose
The Body Shop Lip Prism

wiv half or my 120 palette. :)

hope you like this look!

much love,

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