Issues + Aug. 30 early meet up, anyone?

Ok, two issues i ran across with regard to our Pow Wow is...

Time and Location

Time: I know some Pinay Beauty Bloggers are either a student or have hard time going out at night. So sorry about this. But whatever is decided on (majority), we will make sure you can attend by helping you out.

Location: I know a lot of us live in different parts of Manila... Maybe we can establish a middle ground if we can't decide where to meet. Middleground meaning what is fair and just to the majority. I myself live far but if the venue is miles away from my place, i will definitely make the effort. That's how excited i am to meet you guys...


August 30 seems to be a good date for a lot of us... :) This is not yet a pow wow! But for those who just wanna have snacks or even dinner. We can meet up in Ortigas around 5 to 6pm and maybe brainstorm about the upcoming event. :)

much love,

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