Thursday, July 31, 2008

hi everybodilicous blogeristas,

Your resident Kikay Pinay will be taking a brief hiatus from the hustle bustle of city life to visit a sick uncles and relatives coming from the US.

I'll be going to Laoag, Ilocos Norte, province way up north of the Philippines. I was b0rn and raised there til i was about 5 years old. Ilocos are known for their Vagnet (deep friend pork), Empanada and clay pots.

I hope i'm going there for reason that is a bit merry but its not the case. My uncle, dad'r eldest bro, was diagnosed with liver cancer. We are hoping that us being together as a family will help improve his health. If there is one thing i truly admire about my dad and his siblings is how much they care for each other. It makes me wish for my 2 brothers that were taken away by God before they were even born..

But on a lighter note, i'll be seeing my 4 aunts (who i like to call the cheetah girls). They are so different from each other yet equally strict! Yikes! I love spending time w/ them coz they rmind me so much of Grandma, but divided into 4. I bet they have a lot of stuff for me and my cousins which is a definite plus.

I must say i do kook forward to seeing my dad's side of the family after 3 years.

Be back on monday!


much love,
The Kikay Pinay

P.S. Blogging from the airport.ΓΌ

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sharing: Joker vs. Gotham City

I don't have any Havaianas left. My 2 pairs got slaughtered by my ever innocent-looking dog. I can't punish him since i have to catch him doing the act. :( le sigh...


I've been calling Duke, Joker, since Dark Night since he pretty much does what ever he please no matter the consequence. My dog is undeniably spoiled and totally sneaky!

Huhuhu! Imma have to break my no-buy since i've got to get me another pair tom.. :(

EOTD: Neautral Eyes with The She Space + Forever Music Video inspired look

I'm revisiting my mineral eyeshadows or multipurpose mineral (mpm). When Aileen of Shades of Hue asked me if i still where them, i realized i wasn't using my MPMs lately. So i decided to start this revisiting with my She Space Pigments. Heather has a lot of variety of Pigments that can rival other MMU companies and even high end brands.

I also used my Camellia Rose Primer in V 2.0 today and i'm loving it! I oil-blot my face once the whole day. Let's see how it holds up for the next few days. :)

Camellia Rose Primer V 2.0
Ellana Hazelnut Latte (PB)
Ellana Awake Concealer for undereyes
Ellana Innocence for pimples and redness

Ellana Confess MPM to contour cheeks
Barenaturals Prettiest Pink Peach

Lumiere Lumilips in Crushed Velvet

oohhh... bad blending.. thank GOD my classmates were none the wiser. hehehe!

ALL SHE SPACE unless specified
Beyond Grace (innerlid, foiled)
Pillow Talk (outer lid to crease, foiled)
Bella Diablo (outer v to contour)
Beware the Guilt (highlight)
MAC Fix+ for foiling

Modelco Designer brow kit

I really love Ellana Awake Concealer, it livens up my weary eyes.


If you asked me years ago if i ever thought of using black eyshadow, i would have said no firmly and assuringly. Boy was i mistaken. I can't seem to put down black lately.

Anyhow, I was inspired to do a copperish-goldish-black look after seeing the Forever music Video of Chris Brown. The gold lights was just so cool and the majority of the black theme just made it pop. I kinda miss going to club while watching this too. I immediately got up from my bed and did this look ASAP.

I was suppose to use my 120 Palette when i saw my depotted NYX Pearl Mania. I quickly gathered the colors it'll be needing before i changed my mind. I miss using loose eyeshadows. they are so easy to work with.

I was quite disappointed that the copper didn't show. I should have thrown in a more red on the mix to make it look more copper-ish. However, in personal this looks very copper-ish. This look reminds me of the EOTD i did when the girls and i had dinner at Pepper Lunch but waaaaaayyyy more shimmery.. i really foiled the pigments to create a vavavoooom look. I could stop traffic with how high impact the colors are.

Excuse the pimple. Obviously, the facial spa i went to caused me to break out.

NYX Pearl Mania in Oro (inner lid; lower lid, foiled)
NYX Pearl Mania in Walnut (mid lid, foiled)
She Space in Shards of Glass (outer lid to crease; 1/4 of outer lower lid)
NYX Pearl Mania in Pearl (highlight)
MAC fix+ for foiling
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Maybelline Volume Express Mascara
Modelco Brow Kit

That's all for now!

much love,

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Best makeup tips ever from Spoiled Pretty

THIS IS A REPOST From Daneen of Spoiled Pretty

Fancy yourself a makeup junkie? Then you won’t want to miss the August 2008 issue of Allure Magazine. Flip to page 101 for some of the best makeup tips – eva. “These 59 bits of wisdom from the top pros will take your skills to a whole new level,” promises author Danielle Pergament.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Eye Openers
To create a smooth line along the upper lashes, start at the outer corner and draw a series of dashes with an eye pencil, as close to the lashes as possible. Then connect the marks. “This is the best trick I ever learned,” says makeup artist Laura Mercier.

No matter what makeup you use, always choose a remover designed to take off waterproof formulas, says makeup artist Charlie Green. “The best ones look separated, like salad dressing. The oil takes off makeup, and the water gets rid of some of the greasiness.” As with vinaigrette, mix well.

Lash Rites
If you have especially straight lashes, curl them and immediately brush on waterproof mascara, advises makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury: “It holds lashes up much better than a regular formula.”

To elongate lashes, work from the outer to the inner corners of the eyes. “You’ll deposit more on the outer corners that way,” says makeup artist Pati Dubroff. “By the time you get to the inner corners, you’ll have just the right amount of mascara left.” To increase the effect, apply another coat at the outer corners only.

Face Facts
If concealer collects into any lines, dip a cotton swab in eye cream and run it over the area.

If you run out of concealer, use whatever makeup has collected in the cap of your foundation bottle – it’s somewhat thicker and perfect for covering up flaws.

Blush Well
After foundation, apply blush before any other makeup, says makeup artist Dick Page. “Often, you’ll be surprised by how much it can brighten your face, and you won’t need anything else.”

To fake sun-kissed skin, apply bronzer, then follow with a rosy blush on the apples of the cheeks. “The cheeks naturally get a pink flush when the skin is tan,” says Page.

Mighty Mouth
To add richness and longevity to lipstick, cover the entire mouth with liner that’s the same shade as the mouth, not the lipstick. And use the side of the lip liner, not the point, to fill in lips completely.

To make lip gloss last longer than 30 seconds, makeup artist Christian McColloch says to blot the mouth with a tissue or a dry cotton swab first: “The wetter the mouth, the less likely the gloss will stick.”

High Browed
Tweeze brows in natural sunlight – it illuminates all the teeny strands a bathroom bulb will miss. And never tweeze them in a magnifying mirror – it’s too easy to overdo it.

The most natural-looking ay to fill in the brows is with cream shadow that’s the same shade as the hair. “This product glistens like hairs do, and gives the brows a healthy sheen,” says Dick Page.

Just In: Camellia Rose Primer

I finally received it!!! 2 days early!! I DO LOVE MY POST OFFICE!! :)

Remember my post about that last package I've been waiting for and dying to have? It's this one! My Camellia Rose Primer in Original Skin Smoothing Primer and Skin Smoothing Primer V 2.0.

I remember the time i first stumbled unto the Camellia Rose Site. I was just in awe! But I had to wait for Jen (the maker of this primer and owner of Camellia Rose) to open up again. I waited for about 2 months i think before she opened up again (mommy Jen's priority is her baby of course). And by the time she did, i was in debt from my makeup purchases so i had to wait to save up and pay my bills. It was really a journey getting to this product... and its here. Law of Attraction really works!

Also, i am leaving for the province on July 31 to see my uncles and aunts. I was expecting not to receive the package this week but rather next. But when i came back from an errand this morning, Aunt W handed me this... Clearly, these primers and i are meant to be! :)

I ordered both formula to see which will work best for me. These Primers i've read are best for mineral makeup users! Say what?? That's me! I will be trying the V 2.0 today which suits sensitive skin. I don't have sensitive skin but i'm acne prone. Let's see!

Isn't it sweet when owners take time to write a sweet note thanking you? :) Jen also gave me a free Rose Clay Shea. :) Love freebies!

I forgot to order the Zit Serum.

Thanks, Jen!!!

Can't wait for my review?
Visit the following Site:
The Mineral Makeup Blog
Shades of Hue
The Makeup Talk


Do i feel bad that i'm not waiting for my any packages anymore? Not really, i think i have everything i need. :)

I'm in no buy mode until my birthday!! :)

much love,

P.S. This addiction is not stopping... it's just taking a hiatus.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ly-na Pearl Face Cream + YSA Skin Care Center Review

After much deliberation (with myself) and reviews from other people (online and offline). I finally caved in.

I bought...

Ly-na Pearl Face Cream, Php47 ($1.04)) ... hope this will work for me as well since i have a lot of dark pigmentations from my dried up pimps!

Review coming soon... in about 2-4 weeks. :)


I would have wanted to use Ly-na Pearl Face Cream tonight but R treated me for me a facial.

I went in and tried Ysa Skin Care Center located at Level 4, Robinsons Metro East while he visited his dentist. Its very expensive for a Pimple Treatment, Php600($13) for first time visitors (php500 for succeeding visits). They first applied Ultramask, followed by steaming, Cleaning, laser and erythromycin toner. It was the fastest facial in my opinion and i didn't quite enjoy it. Moreover, my face was pretty swollen and red afterwards.

My aesthetician was very good though. Really skilled. But the whole experience for me was very mediocre. Nothing that would really make me go back again. I had to wash my own face, no facial massage, and the last treatment after the pricking was just the toner. My Php600($13) was, in my opinion, pretty much wasted.

Will i go back again? No. I'm just not happy.

Kikay Pinay gives this facial spa: 1.5 out of 5 Kikay Points

see the other facial spa i've visited:
The Skin Story

Any bad facial experience?

much love,

Feature: Pooch Park Doggie Day Care

Pooch Park Doggie Day Care
Level 4, Robinsons Metro East Pasig

Monday, no classes. We took this time to take our little Duke to the groomers while we, the mom and dad had some "me" time). There is no excuse. My dog should look handsome like his daddy. The love he gives cannot be measured by the things we give him... yet, we try. And having a Kikay Mom would ensure that her dog will get the best, right?

It was such a blessing that Pooch Park has opened a new branch at the mall near us, Robinsons Mall Metro East. It took the stress from us bringing him to either Tiendesitas (to another groomer) or their first branch of Pooch Park at Julia Vargas Ave.

What i love about Pooch Park is that is has everything that a pet owner would want for their "babies". :) It has full grooming, your pet would look as fabulous as you are (even anal sac which a lot of groomers do not offer). They have skilled groomers that knows their craft really well. They have complete products that your dog would need (vitamins, food, snacks, collars, bed, cages etc.) for reasonable price. They have training school and socialization classes (really, they do!). Most importantly, they have a doggie day care and boarding for the travel savvy pet owners. We have tried this during our retreat in school and was highly satisfied. Lastly, the owner Oliver Tan is very accomodating and his staff definitely knows how to take care of their customers. :) Not to mention that this place doesn't smell like dogs! What else would you need?

Thanks to Roma for recommending this to us! :)

Yummy treats

Basic and luxurious stuff for the love of our lives.

Other stuff... :) i'm tempted to bu him a funky collar but my dog is too machismo for that. hihi!

Blow dry time.. who says Mom is the only one who needs beautifying? :)

Looking good and unbelieavably soft! Got this polo for Php280 ($6.22)
I don't usually let him wear clothes but this bright red polo just caught my eyes. He looks so cute in it!

awww!! Camera shy, Dukie? :)

Know what else i like with Pooch Park's new location??? It's in the mall! I can get some shopping done, get a facial etc. etc. etc. (just like today!). I won't get bored waiting for him. :)

So, y'all from Marikina, Cainta, Antipolo, Rizal and Pasig peeps, this is definitely the place to take your pets. Do your grocery shopping or catch a flick while your dog gets pampered, that what we did! :)

you may see and learn more about Pooch Park at their multiply site.

J. Vargas Branch
#181 Auto Depot Bldg.
Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig City
Open: Mondays to Saturdays (9am t0 7pm)

Metro East Branch
Level 4, Robinsons Metro East
Marcos Hi-way, Pasig City
Open: Mondays to Sundays (10am to 9pm)

So, where do you take your pets for their grooming day?

much love,

Full Neo Sci-fi EOTD + Insect Bite

My Saturday didn't consist of a lot of good things to my dismay. Rather, it was pretty bad. I woke up early do just find out that i didn't have an AM class. I really took an EFFORT to wake upn and not be late and actually be ready for this class. Sigh! Second, i had a bad recitation on Succession. And come dismissal, i got this awful insect bite that just flared up like crazy.

If there was a thing or two that i like about that day was my FOTD, the new McCafe and Hun taking me home.

And unlike in college, my Saturdays do not consist of clubbing, collecting numbers (guys) or going home tipsy with the gf's anymore. I'm very much domesticated now. :)

My new daily morning habit with my other habits... McCafe Cappuccino

My old/new hangout.. this is like 30 STEPS away from my house. i can smell their fries cooking from my house. :) I grew up with this place. :)

MAC Expensive Pink (LE Neo Sci-fi)
MAC Magnetic Fields (LE Neo Sci-fi)
MAC Femme Fi (LE Neo Sci-fi)
MAC Blacktrack

Modelco Designer Brows

(i forgot to put on mascara.. bugger!)

does Fix+ make my face look oilier? I kinda think it does. My Smashbox Photofinish Primer didn't stand the heat of my day... bugger! or is it just the flash??


this is the bite that i am talking about. isn't it hideous??? i don't know what bit me since i was literally outside the school when i got this... argh!! help me out. nothing seems to work with this one.

til the next blog!

much love,

Friday, July 25, 2008

Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion

Nuetrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion

Thoroughly removes all types of make-up, even waterproof mascara,
for the deepest feeling clean.

For about weeks now i have been using Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion.

Here are my notes on the said products:

1. This particular cleanser will definitely rid you of all the grim, dirt makeup and yes even your mascara or very very stubborn liquid/cream foundation.
2. Like it promised, it will leave you that deepest feeling clean.

1. It stings like hell around the eye area. I can't explain how this product hurts. Although i am in love with how it "thoroughly removes all types of make-up" i can't get over of the fact that i cringe at using it everytime. This is most probably the reason why we can't see it on their website anymore.
2. It is very expensive here in the Philippines. It is around Php600 ($13)

Do i recommend this?
No. The pain and torture that your beautiful eyes will encounter is not worth the money and time. I suggest that you find a more gentle cleansing lotion or liquid to remove your makeup with.

The Kikay Pinay gives this product: 2 out of 5 Kikay Pinay Points.

To justify the 2 instead of my supposed original conclusion of 1 is because of its ability to remove makeup efficiently.

'Hope this helps!

much love,

The House Bunny

This is one comedy chic-flick movie my BF will not mind watching with me. :)

i love Ana Faris!! :)

Thanks to Pursebuzz for the head's up on this trailer. :)

much love,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

EOTNs: playing with 120 eyeshadow palette

If anybody asks, i didn't study... one look with the palette and i couldn't resist not playing. I'm being such a child i know. But plase don't tell mommy. :)

This first look was inspired by the cluster of shimmery blue and purples on my palette. i used 4 colors that are close to each other and worked it from there. :)

geisha-ing pose.. :)

I used a sponge tip to pack on the colors. I barely needed to blend. but from the looks of it, i should have. :) but the colors showed really well. I love it!! this will be a major reason why i shouldn't buy more makeup. :)

up close and personal

NYX Tea Rose
NYX Lipgloss Beige


Anybody wants some reggae?

I was originallly going to do a tropical look but i don't know where i went wrong... like i took another road or something. So, i think this look ended up looking a bit RASTA without me intentionally making it.

I did the wing-look since i figured this is a great time to practice. I think i need desperately need a better eyeliner brush.

Hope you had fun with these looks. :)

much love,

Tutorial: Really Black Smokey Eyes

I finally swallowed my pride and made my very first picture tutorial. :) Since we are all in awe of the Popular Smokey Look, I thought why not? I used my 120 eyeshadow palette. I'm loving how pigmented the colors are. :)

I found these the easiest steps (albeit messy) in achieving the Smokey Look. This tutorial was inspired by's Smokey Tutorial. :) Thanks!

Let's start:

1. Apply an eyebase all over lid to browbone (Mac Paint Pot in Painterly = Cream Concealer/Elianto Eyebase)

2. Apply cream black eye color up to just the crease (Careline Glamour Eyes = MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack)
This will make your black eyeshadow POP!

3. Apply any matte black eyeshadow all over lid. You will definitely get messy here so prepare cotton buds dipped in makeup remover, tissue or facial wipes. (I used my black e/s from 120 Palette)

4. Apply A shimmery dark grey eyeshadow to give it a little sparkle. Blend it towards the outer crease and upwards to just above crease.

5. Apply any shimmery white to highlight browbone and BLEND OUT harsh lines.
KEYWORD: Blend! Blend! Blend!

6. Tightline upper and lower lashline with any black eyeliner pencil. This helps provide a more dramatic look in my opinion.

7. Apply any black mascara liberally. (optional) Apply false eyelashes for fuller smokey dramatic effect.


NYX Round Lipstick Strawberry Milk
NYX Megashin Lipgloss in Natural

(click specific photo to enlarge, beware of my open pores.. harharhar!)

my suggestion: If you don't have any of the colors mentioned above,
you can purchase the ELF Brightening Eye Color Palette in Drama
for only about Php124 or so.

'Hope this helps!

So, how was my first tutorial?
Would you like more?

I'd appreciate your feedback

much love,

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