Full Neo Sci-fi EOTD + Insect Bite

My Saturday didn't consist of a lot of good things to my dismay. Rather, it was pretty bad. I woke up early do just find out that i didn't have an AM class. I really took an EFFORT to wake upn and not be late and actually be ready for this class. Sigh! Second, i had a bad recitation on Succession. And come dismissal, i got this awful insect bite that just flared up like crazy.

If there was a thing or two that i like about that day was my FOTD, the new McCafe and Hun taking me home.

And unlike in college, my Saturdays do not consist of clubbing, collecting numbers (guys) or going home tipsy with the gf's anymore. I'm very much domesticated now. :)

My new daily morning habit with my other habits... McCafe Cappuccino

My old/new hangout.. this is like 30 STEPS away from my house. i can smell their fries cooking from my house. :) I grew up with this place. :)

MAC Expensive Pink (LE Neo Sci-fi)
MAC Magnetic Fields (LE Neo Sci-fi)
MAC Femme Fi (LE Neo Sci-fi)
MAC Blacktrack

Modelco Designer Brows

(i forgot to put on mascara.. bugger!)

does Fix+ make my face look oilier? I kinda think it does. My Smashbox Photofinish Primer didn't stand the heat of my day... bugger! or is it just the flash??


this is the bite that i am talking about. isn't it hideous??? i don't know what bit me since i was literally outside the school when i got this... argh!! help me out. nothing seems to work with this one.

til the next blog!

much love,

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