Ly-na Pearl Face Cream + YSA Skin Care Center Review

After much deliberation (with myself) and reviews from other people (online and offline). I finally caved in.

I bought...

Ly-na Pearl Face Cream, Php47 ($1.04)) ... hope this will work for me as well since i have a lot of dark pigmentations from my dried up pimps!

Review coming soon... in about 2-4 weeks. :)


I would have wanted to use Ly-na Pearl Face Cream tonight but R treated me for me a facial.

I went in and tried Ysa Skin Care Center located at Level 4, Robinsons Metro East while he visited his dentist. Its very expensive for a Pimple Treatment, Php600($13) for first time visitors (php500 for succeeding visits). They first applied Ultramask, followed by steaming, Cleaning, laser and erythromycin toner. It was the fastest facial in my opinion and i didn't quite enjoy it. Moreover, my face was pretty swollen and red afterwards.

My aesthetician was very good though. Really skilled. But the whole experience for me was very mediocre. Nothing that would really make me go back again. I had to wash my own face, no facial massage, and the last treatment after the pricking was just the toner. My Php600($13) was, in my opinion, pretty much wasted.

Will i go back again? No. I'm just not happy.

Kikay Pinay gives this facial spa: 1.5 out of 5 Kikay Points

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Any bad facial experience?

much love,

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  1. Shiver_ra1727/1/12 8:59 PM

    hi puh saan nyo puh n bili yang lyna mu?

  2. Saan nyo nabili ang Ly Na Cream?
    Where can webuy Ly Na cream?


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