EOTNs: playing with 120 eyeshadow palette

If anybody asks, i didn't study... one look with the palette and i couldn't resist not playing. I'm being such a child i know. But plase don't tell mommy. :)

This first look was inspired by the cluster of shimmery blue and purples on my palette. i used 4 colors that are close to each other and worked it from there. :)

geisha-ing pose.. :)

I used a sponge tip to pack on the colors. I barely needed to blend. but from the looks of it, i should have. :) but the colors showed really well. I love it!! this will be a major reason why i shouldn't buy more makeup. :)

up close and personal

NYX Tea Rose
NYX Lipgloss Beige


Anybody wants some reggae?

I was originallly going to do a tropical look but i don't know where i went wrong... like i took another road or something. So, i think this look ended up looking a bit RASTA without me intentionally making it.

I did the wing-look since i figured this is a great time to practice. I think i need desperately need a better eyeliner brush.

Hope you had fun with these looks. :)

much love,

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