Monday, June 30, 2008

I got sick after a long time + WANTED

Saturday morning, i woke up at quarter to four in the morning. Duke was licking my face which has become my morning alarm clock. He wakes up ealier than i do coz he stays at my mom's room until she leaves for work. Cool eh?

As i was about to get ready for school, I noticed that i feel a bit chilly and hot at the same time. The semi-hypochondriac in me made me get my handy thermometer and take my temperature. It seems it wasn't psychologicl after all and i am really sick. I got like 39 on my manual thermometer. Like a little girl, i went to my mom's room and told her i'm sick. She hugged me and I slept on her bed for the duration of the morning.

I hate being absent especially if i'm sick. I mean, I'd rather absent myself and do something productive than be absent for being sick.

The last time i got a fever was... well, i don't remember. Must be from all the late nights and too much food. LOL!

I was pretty much on and off asleep the whole day, watched The Holiday on HBO. I don't think i even opened my computer that day. A way to know I'm really sick. But i think i still went online.. hmm...

Come Sunday, it's The Pacquiao Fight (He won! Mabuhay Pinoy!). The BF visited moi and watched the game. Since i was feeling a lot better, we decided to catch a flick at the nearest cinema here in my place. We watched WANTED finally. I really love movies like this, bursting with guns and special effects. I have to admit that I love guns. I don't know much about it but i love it. Maybe it's in the blood since my dad is a target shooter. I actually plan on owning one or ten thousand when i become a lawyer or when i could afford it, whichever comes first. :)

I have to agree with Didi that they took the Matrix slow-mo effect to another level. The corner-shot part is amazing, the car zooming and the wonderful wonderful gun fight scenes really got me on the edge of my seat, it's like orchestra for me. This is the Modern Cowboys (minus the broke back part.)

Angelina Jolie is totally hot here (i'M in a lesbian mode here! lol) I just love love her. :)

She is just gorgeous!! :)

One of my fave scene.. i'm gonna own one of these soon when it's legal to own one! LOL!

the Hero, James McAvoy, the guy from my fave Oscar Movie Atonement isn't so bad looking here either.. Drool much, Shen??

care for the boy next door with chiseled abs?

this is probably my fave part

It really is a great movie... except for die-hard animal advocates. :( and the boys will get disappointed coz there is no ***scene. I know! Bugger!

Oh, I'm so inspired to do the Eye looks AJ sported on the movie. :) She sported mainly neutral sultry and edgy smoky look. :) So, imma get that done soon. :)

Sultry Imma-gonna-b*tchslap-you-til-you-give-me-the right-answer look

Smoky I-got-you-cornered-you-a** look

Happy Viewing!

Next weekend, Hancock.

much love,

Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. Thanks!

A Dream Come True for my New Friends

I'm here to share a few teaser photos of my dear new friends.. They are so fun to be with and I just love them. :)
I swear, I cried a little seeing these photos... These girls really inspired me.

Sophie, Jheng, Les,


I'm so happy for you, girls!


girls, be amazed by these few photos i nabbed from Sophie's Beautynomics-the economic of vanity Site and Phoebe's (who was one of their model! exciting!) Swipesomegloss site.

class picture

pretty sisters, Tin and Diana

Diana looks flower chic! by jheng :)

MUA Les and Pro MUA and teacher RB

MUA Phoebe and Sophie.. they don't look tried at all. :)

You have to go to the sites listed below to see more photos like jheng's arab bride and sophie's teaser portfolio.
(like i'm gonna give it all to you in one sitting)

Congratulations and God bless on everything you wish to accomplish! :)
You all deserve all the blessings you have and will receive. :)

much love,

PS. I'm soooo exciting to see all of the pictures! :)
I wasn't present here as this was the big day for them. :)
I was sick at home and had classes. boohoo. didn't even get the chance to join them on their celebratory eat-out. :(

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy First Birthday, Duke

It's my dear Duke's First Birthday.
He's a white pomerarian, standard size. :)
He loves playing, jumping and eating anything.
He's a great sentry too.
He enjoys lazy afternoon with mommy.
He is having a great year! :)
He's well loved by his mom and dad and mamita(my mom). :)
I can't believe he's growing up.. sigh.

Duke's first Bear Cut!

His new Bed. Happy Birthday!

ain't he cute?? :)

Doggie and Dukie together!

I love Daddy! I wish he's with us always, Mommy.

Love sleeping with mommy..

I love you, baby Duke!

Looking for more years to come with you.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!

Mommy Kikay Pinay

Review: MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

MAC Fluidline
Php1,100 ($25 here in Manila, Philippines)
Available in Rustan's Shangri-la, Makati and Marrionaud, SM Mall of Asia
3g /0.1oz

MAC says: Ultra-smooth, Fluidline’s gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Goes on “foolproof” with a brush in an easy dip-and-stroke action. Long-wearing. Smudge-proof. Lines up in a rich array of colours and finishes. Brush sold separately.

Shen says: Exactly what MAC Says.
I was never the eyeliner girl since a "person" told me that eyeliner will make my eyes look bigger and give me panda eyes. Well, that "person" i've proven is truly wrong! Why did i rely on such advise anyway? Nevertheless, this product gave a whole new meaning to my makeup application.

Of course, prior to buying MAC Fluidline, I did my research and also asked the MUA to teach me how to apply it. That way i can't blame myself if i get disappointed.

The first time I tried it, I pretty much applied a lot that i gave a thick dramatic look to my eyes. After a week or so, i think i became really familiar to the product that i can control the line that i was putting. I was able to achieve a thinner line which is more appropriate for my everyday look. With practice, you'll definitely get a grip on using it. I love how long its stays on my eyes. Until the end i say! I also tried swimming with my make-up on and th fluidline stayed on! Yup, I'm not kidding.

What about the brush? Yup, you still need a separate brush with this one. This one is tough. I started using Blacktrack with my pink handled taklon brush from Coastalscents. However, there came a time that the brush hairs became "open" that it was just hard to work with anymore. Then, I started using my essence of beauty eyeliner brush duo. :) This works heavenly since the end of this angled brush is so thin and it doesn't open up. I love this brush and working with it my Blacktrack is just great. Til then, i won't be getting any MAC eyeliner brushes.

Will i buy it again? Definitely. But i'm always open to trying Bobbi Brown or Stila. Or a much cheaper brand that will deliver the same result. Yeah, I'm the Queen of Cheap.

Using Eyeliner Brush from Life and Companion

1. It stays on and stay put! will definitely last you from am to pm.
2. glide on smoothly for easy application
3. Buildable product so you can achieve the intensity that you want
4. Smudge-proof... i know, I tried
5. Product will last quite a long time (3 to 5 months, personal use)
6. Many colors to choose from.

1. The price. This is sold in the US for $15. The added $10 is an injustice.
2. Dries easily. (this is for the first time users.. you'll get the hang of it with practice)
3. You need a separate brush. But i think it's worth it. :) lol.

Kikay Pinay gives this product: 3.75 of 5 Kikay Points

much love,

Friday, June 27, 2008

FOTD: UD Shag and MAC Pink Mauve (everyday look)

Today, I attempted to make a video but it was too long and the editing is sooo tedious. Next time, I'll just do my make-up application without talking and speed it up or just add music to it. Talking makes my video longer.

I finally used my Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Palette (UDDSP). I just used Shag and base from the color pay-off, it is really pigmented. I didn't need to pack on a lot which is always a plus. I really am loving my UDDSP. I wish i could collect more of Urban Decay's Palette.

I also used my MAC Pigment in Pink Mauve. It is highly pigmented. I just used the excess on top of the plastic cover (the one cover the bottle, not the screw top). That alone provided me with high impact color. No need to use a lot. So i highly doubt that i'll be able to finish the 7 gram jar that full nearly to the brim. Well, maybe is i used it everyday... Yeah right!

MAC Pigment Pink Mauve
Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Palette - Shag
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Maybelline Volume Express
Nyx Eyeliner in White Pearl
SassyMinerals in Chantilly

The Face Shop Quick and Clean Blemish Balm
Ellana Hazelnut Latte in Premium Blend
Lumiere Pearlfecting Powder

Smashbox Bronzer/Blush Duo
MAC Blush in Peachtwist

Maybelline Juicy Orange
Smashbox Lip Briallance Palette


The BF and I decided to go to Shakey's, a popular Pizza Resto here in the Philippines. It's actually Pizza Hut's rival. Anyhow, we were kinda hungry since the BF's class ended at nine in the evening while mine ended at around 7 (yes! i waited for him for 2 hours). We were suppose to eat at Gerry's Grill (and order Crispy Pata) but it was already close come 10:00pm.

We ordered Bacon Tropical Pizza, Carbonara for the BF and Mushroom soup for me. :) Don't tell but i took a sip of his bottomless icetea. Lol!

This is a single serving. I know, it's a lot!

Our regular Tropical Bacon Pizza! Yum!
They make the best thin crust pizza in town! :)

two of my fave pizza topping, bacon and pineapple... Cheese is on top of my list! :)

Me and the BF
oiliness galore! this is what happens when one forget to put on face primer.
oh and i ran out of blotting paper. bugger!

So, what the product that you used to the first time recently?
And what's your fave pizza flavor and resto?

much love,

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FOTD: My lucky Bourjois c/o Gracie

Since the Urban Decay is too colorful for everyday, I decided to use Gracie's gift to use for my Face of the Day. The palette she chose was a combination of my fave eye colors, brown and purple. Perfect for school and night time.

The best thing is, I think this palette gave me luck since Atty. S didn't show up for our class. :) Yey! He won't get to know i studied so little for our class today (very bad!). I hope he's not into beauty blogs so he won't read this. LOL!

Here's the Lucky FOTD:

(taken in the car, no flash, natural light)
Monistat Anti-chafing gel
Ellana Hazelnut Latte in Premium Blend
Mary Kay Signature Concealer in Ivory
BareNaturals Skin Perfecting Powder

Smashbox Bronzer /Blush Duo
- Bronzer for contour
- Blush for apples of the cheeks
(included in Master's Class Vol. 2)

Bourjois Peti Gude de Style Perfect Harmony shadow and contour
(14 Mauve a Croquer)
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Nyx Eyeliner in White pearl on lower lashline
I forgot to put on mascara (bugger!)

Modelco Eyebrowz Designer Brow Kit in Medium

Carmex Lipbalm
MAC Brave (my fave!)
SmashBox Lip Brilliance Perfect Pout Palette (I used the lightest shade)

So, what's your lucky FOTD?

much love,
Kikay Pinay gets momentarily featured on Swipesomegloss.

I never dreamed that i could be featured in one of the popular beauty blog sites in Manila. I mean, I really am not "featured" but since I joined new friends Sophie, Jheng and Les on their MACscapade, I ended up meeting Phoebe (finally!) as well. We had our pic taken by her (she's so good) and very nice (I'm getting redundant!). :)

Jheng, Kikay Pinay and Lesly
Photo courtesy of Swipesomegloss.
Photo taken by Phoebe.

read more about the MAC Bridal Launch Collection here

If you asked me years ago if i did dream of doing this, I'd probably say "Hell yeah!"
But probably on paper since blogs weren't even invented before.

I love were i am right now.. bankrupt and all! :)

much love,

Brains + Beauty + Law = Quorum

There is a reason why you don't see me in plain shirts, rugged jeans and adidas sneaker. Being a Quorum equates to great style and intelligence. Quorum Ladies knows how to study and how to party. I'm lucky to be chosen to be a part of this group and I can't express enough how much I love my girls. They keep me strong and above water with all the sh*** that happened to me in Law School. One reason that i am still in school is because of these fab girls.

Despite Typhoon Frank, bellowing us down with its harsh wind and rain, we still made it to spend the first Induction of the Semester last Saturday. We are not fair-weathered friends, after all.. :) We also did Quorum's first "coronation" of our fab HP G! Congratulation and Good luck on the upcoming Bar Operations. It was D's suprise birthday party as well. We gave her leche flan-turon b-day cake with candles! ;) Happy birthday, Di!

It was just fun to see each other after a long summer vacation and our postponed Manaoag-Dagupan trip.

H, My very first MAC enabler! :) Thanks for recommending me NC30! I'm just sorry i broke out with the Studiofix. Fortunately, the addiction didn't end there.

Quorum with the Qbies!

I love being Q

My mentors. :)

ok, enough party. I better get started on my readings.
I'm going to pretend to study now.

much love,

Review: Modelco EyeBrowz Designer Brow Kit

Modelco Eyebrows Designer Brow Kit
P1400 ($31.81 approx.)

What Modelco says:

Turn heads and raise eyebrows with EYE BROWS Designer Brow Kit.

Create the ultimate arch with all the shaping and grooming tools to colour, shape and define your eyebrows to perfection. The all-in-one designer brow kit contains a selection of four brow stencils, duo brow wax and powder, two angled head brushes for a defined application, grooming wand and precision slant tweezers in a sleek, chic compact.

To use: Beautiful brows have never been so easy. Simply select your desired brow shape from the professional brow stencils. Position stencil over eyebrow in line with your nose. Using one of the angled brushes shape, tame and extend your brows with the soft wax. Then with the other angled brush, fill-in and define brow with the matching fine pressed powder. Finally, tidy and tweeze stray hairs with the precision slant tweezers. Wipe stencil clean, turn over and repeat process on the other brow to create the perfect frame for your face and to accentuate your eyes!

What Kikay Pinay says:

Getting a bit frustrated with not having Anastasia here, I decided to get the Brow Kit from Modelco. After seeing Jheng's fabulous eyebrows in person, i decided to get it. Thankfully, it didn't disappointed me. With its helpful tips along with some Youtube tutorials, i learned (i think) how to make my eyebrows as decent as possible. The MUA at Beauty Bar also showed me how to use it. Its really is simple. First, look for the stencil nearest to your eyebrow shape then stencil it in with the wax. Lastly, apply the powder and simply comb it. For stray hairs, simply pluck it with the tweezer provided. Soon with practice, you won't even need to use the stencil.

I tried doing my eyebrows today and I'm quite happy to report that it stayed the whole day. The wax helped in making my eyebrows stay put. Honestly, its still on even after i gave my Duke a bath and did his grooming. :)

no guessing here.. :) i love what it did to my left eye. :)
I purposely did not put on makeup so the eyebrows will be the focus of this pic.
used white light, no flash

1. Everything I need is in it (tools: tweezer, 2 mini angled brushes, 1 spoolie, 4 stencils; wax and powder
2. The stencils - for clueless Pinay's like me
3. Available in the Philippines - in selected Beauty Bar Boutique
4. It's compact and Pink - need i say more?
5. So easy to use
6. Will last a long time - you won't need to use so much
7. Great for MUA who's just learning and starting

1. The Price - P1400 is not easy to shell out. Thank GOD for credit cards.

Kikay Pinay gives this product: 4 out 5 Kikay Points

so, how do you groom your eyebrows? any tips to share?

much love,

A ROYAL LOOT: Thank you, Gracie!

I received Gracie's gifts from U.K.! :) Yey!!

I'm sooo ecstatic! I finally have a Sex and the City notebook! It's sooo chic! I totally love it since my long time fave colors are black and pink! :) Not to mention that it's Sex and the City (ultimately my fave show) and that its not available here! :)

Thank you so much, Gracie!

A note from the fabulous Ga

Thank for this Bourjois Eyeshadow, Gracie. You definitely give the best gift! :)

Two of my fave eye colors. Purple and Brown. :) Sigh!!!

I used the first page to write Gracie a Thank you note.. :)

I simply can't express my gratitude, Gracie. For the gifts and the effort without even me asking you for it. :) You are such a true friend.

God bless!

much love,
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