Brains + Beauty + Law = Quorum

There is a reason why you don't see me in plain shirts, rugged jeans and adidas sneaker. Being a Quorum equates to great style and intelligence. Quorum Ladies knows how to study and how to party. I'm lucky to be chosen to be a part of this group and I can't express enough how much I love my girls. They keep me strong and above water with all the sh*** that happened to me in Law School. One reason that i am still in school is because of these fab girls.

Despite Typhoon Frank, bellowing us down with its harsh wind and rain, we still made it to spend the first Induction of the Semester last Saturday. We are not fair-weathered friends, after all.. :) We also did Quorum's first "coronation" of our fab HP G! Congratulation and Good luck on the upcoming Bar Operations. It was D's suprise birthday party as well. We gave her leche flan-turon b-day cake with candles! ;) Happy birthday, Di!

It was just fun to see each other after a long summer vacation and our postponed Manaoag-Dagupan trip.

H, My very first MAC enabler! :) Thanks for recommending me NC30! I'm just sorry i broke out with the Studiofix. Fortunately, the addiction didn't end there.

Quorum with the Qbies!

I love being Q

My mentors. :)

ok, enough party. I better get started on my readings.
I'm going to pretend to study now.

much love,

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