A Dream Come True for my New Friends

I'm here to share a few teaser photos of my dear new friends.. They are so fun to be with and I just love them. :)
I swear, I cried a little seeing these photos... These girls really inspired me.

Sophie, Jheng, Les,


I'm so happy for you, girls!


girls, be amazed by these few photos i nabbed from Sophie's Beautynomics-the economic of vanity Site and Phoebe's (who was one of their model! exciting!) Swipesomegloss site.

class picture

pretty sisters, Tin and Diana

Diana looks flower chic! by jheng :)

MUA Les and Pro MUA and teacher RB

MUA Phoebe and Sophie.. they don't look tried at all. :)

You have to go to the sites listed below to see more photos like jheng's arab bride and sophie's teaser portfolio.
(like i'm gonna give it all to you in one sitting)

Congratulations and God bless on everything you wish to accomplish! :)
You all deserve all the blessings you have and will receive. :)

much love,

PS. I'm soooo exciting to see all of the pictures! :)
I wasn't present here as this was the big day for them. :)
I was sick at home and had classes. boohoo. didn't even get the chance to join them on their celebratory eat-out. :(

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