A ROYAL LOOT: Thank you, Gracie!

I received Gracie's gifts from U.K.! :) Yey!!

I'm sooo ecstatic! I finally have a Sex and the City notebook! It's sooo chic! I totally love it since my long time fave colors are black and pink! :) Not to mention that it's Sex and the City (ultimately my fave show) and that its not available here! :)

Thank you so much, Gracie!

A note from the fabulous Ga

Thank for this Bourjois Eyeshadow, Gracie. You definitely give the best gift! :)

Two of my fave eye colors. Purple and Brown. :) Sigh!!!

I used the first page to write Gracie a Thank you note.. :)

I simply can't express my gratitude, Gracie. For the gifts and the effort without even me asking you for it. :) You are such a true friend.

God bless!

much love,

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