Haul: MAC and Shu

It's Holiday today, will be dining out at Pier 1 tonight with Law School Buddies.. :) But before that just want to share

I initially went to Rustan's Shangri-la to buy a concealer for my dark undereyes I've been sporting since for nearly 3 weeks now and for my pimple marks. I'm not surprised that I went out with more than that. I'm such an impulsive-buyer (bad bad.. very bad Shen). Oh well...


Here's the concealer I got: an NW25 for the under eye and an NC35 for my blemishes.
(sorry I used it before even taking a pic of it)
Kikay Pinay points: 3.5 out of 5

Matched my skin really well and easy to blend. I wonder why I didn't replace my empty pots before... Oh yeah, it's hella expensive. P870 for one pot...

As for the brush, I used my Concealer Brush from the Charm Pro Travel Set. This Brush Set is in my bag 24/7.

Studio Fix Fluid in NC35 (I got darker but its a-ok!)
Kikay Pinay Points: 3.5 out of 5

I finally got myself a Studio Fix Fluid (yey!) I opted for this one since its ways cheaper than the MUFE HD liquid foundation (Santa, this is on my list!). I used my Duo Fribre Brush Charm Pro Travel Brush Set to try this foundation out and its blends so effortlessly.

Something Adorable...

Adorable Carmine: 4 Face Brushes

I couldn't stop caressing this baby.. lol!


Kikay Pinay Points: 3.5 out of 5


an accidental purchase...

After my daydream purchase at MAC I decided to eat at the last resto me and my mom ate in, Secret Recipe. I ordered their Garden Salad (YumYum!) and Cordon Bleu (bleh!). While waiting I noticed that my MAC SE187 had a chip just above the logo and number. After eating, I headed for the Rustan's Department Store to have it replaced..(thanks Lani for being so accomodating!) It was quite a bad idea becuase I saw the Shu Uemura counter, I got attracted to the latest collection and then to their ever famous Cleansing Oils. o, I ended up witht this one.

Dream on the skin... great for problematic skin like mine.
Kikay Pinay Points: 3.5 out 5 points

But I think I'm allergic. When I use it and let it sit on my skin, I end up with red marks on my blemish spots overnight (gone in the morning though). Do you think that its reacting with my Duac Gel Antibiotic Ointment? Hmmm...

I'll be getting the Pink one soon when I've got extra moolah (this bottle cost me P2200 already)... or not, if Santa notices it on my list.. :)

I remembered before when me and mom visited Manila (we were residing in the province then) and Shu just opened their first counter here in Manila... I desperately wanted their face powder. My mom was so shocked to learn that it caused about Php1500 then. She said that it was too much for a makeup. That I had to earn the money to buy it. Besides, I was just in highschool and barely needed makeup. I got so mad at her for not understanding me. It was only later when I started earning my own money that I realized what she meant.

And yes, the depressed goes shopping...

much love,

More hauls to come...

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