Hauls: Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets and Drama Queen

Now that the Holidays are near, I'm stacking up with good books and ebooks to read for the lazy days that I don't have anything to do.

I wanted to get Camilla Morton's How to Walk in High Heels but I took friends' advise not to get since it was just a so-so. A friend told me to get Tom Follet's The Pillars of the Earth but it was sold out both at National Bookstore and Powerbooks in Megamall. Btw, the Powerbooks Customer Service guy was so rude. I asked him nicely if there will be stocks coming in soon and he replied that he wasn't sure. Then I asked him further if there are stocks in other branches of PB and he just shook his head and made an expression as if exasperated with answering my question. Like WTH?? I'm a customer ready to purchase a book and was asking valid questions! He should accomodate me with a freaking smile on his face! Besides, where did the cutey sales person of Powerbooks went???

Anyway, I came home with these babies from National Bookstore. :)

Drama Queen by Abi Aquino is my all-time favorite Summit Cosmo Chic-lit Book. This book is witty and the characters will keep you entertained. Its also an added bonus that it is about Pinays so it is easy tor relate to compared to foreign chic-lits (which i love nevertheless!).. :) I had this back in college but sold my copy. Great thing that National Megamall still have this on stock. :) If you're down and in the dumps and need a laugh, this is the easy-read book for you!

Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets (Php679.00): I've decided to start collecting books relating to makeup to help me improve my skillls since enrolling to a school will be out of the questions with the problems I'll be handling in the coming months. At least through this, I don't have to be online 24/7 to learn beauty stuff. This books have great tips for those who are starting with makeup or just want a fun-read with things to learn.

So, what books have you been reading lately? I'll make a wild guess. Is it the Twilight Saga? Hehehe! I think i'm the only one who's not jumping at the Twilight Bandwagon. :)

much love,

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