Review: SKINTEL Hand and Body Lotion

I've been pretty much loyal to my Nivea Whitening Lotion for years now. But Sophie, the beautynomist, provided me with a chance to try Skintel Hand and Body Lotion.

What it says:

This rich lotion lavishes your skin with the intensive glycolic complex can provide. It is easily adsorb by the skin to relieve dryness and restore moisture.

My Take:
It does exactly what it says.

I've been using this lotion for about less than two months and it was love at first smell for me. The scent is something that reminds me of my grandma's expensive imported lotions she used when i was a little girl. I can't figure the scent but it is divine. However, it does not have that kind of lingering scent so it fades as the day go along. My skin felt smooth and soft to the touch but not sticky. With the weather fluctuating from hot to cold, i can't stress enough how haywire my skin is getting. This product easily resolves that. Its not to sticky so it is great for the hot sunny weather and moisturizing enough when its raining and freezing cold outside.

My skin is not too dry so i enjoy this kind of lightness in lotions. I usually gravitate to lotions that is easily absorb by the skin and does not have strong scent, so this works well for me. However, for those who have dry skin, you may find that this lotion may best suit you only for the day.

Skintel products are available at your nearest Watson's, Mecury Drugstore or health and beauty section of the grocery or department store.

much love,

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