Review: Minty Geranium Mud EMU Soap by Venus&Mars

Minty Geranium Mud Emu Soap, Php180/$3.50 each

I was having a bad day yesterday and the day before that... So, after sleeping for quite a few hours and missed one of my most anticipated event of the month, i decided to not have a bad day. I got up, went to the shower. There is nothing like a good bath to get my mind back on track.

I used my Venus&Mars08 Emu Soap in Minty Geranium Mud. The scent is just so invigorating. I love anything minty so this soap is a definite shoe in my tlist. But this soap pushes it a notch because it contains a EMU OIL that leaves my skin oh so baby soft. No matter how long i take in the shower (in my case, bucket and dipper. lol!) My skin never felt dry and tight. EMU OIL also contains antibacterial and healing properties that will definitely leave your body relieved and clean. I've been using pure EMU Oil for months now and i love the results it brings everytime i have a pimple or my skin needs a little healing.

I also enjoy that this soap easily lathers. I like creating foam as i wash, its my brain's way of telling me that i am indeed getting a good bathing. What i also notice is that the soap does not easily melt as long as you put it in a soap dish free of water. A defintie sign that this soap is made really well. This is such a great everyday bath soap.

The refreshing scent just lifted my spirit. And that feeling fresh and clean after bathing made me look forward to the rest of my day.

Bonus to everything mentioned above, this soap is great as shaving cream. Really, how tough it is to find a shaving cream here in the PI? The antibacterial propeties of EMU Oil also helps speed up healing process for those of us who gets nicked during shaving. Moreover, this soap has also whitening properties because it contains Papain Extract.

Its great that one single product offers a lot use. Whitening, everyday bath soap and best of all, Shaving soap. For quite a while now, i have been using soaps that are natural or organic. It made a lot of difference both to my skin and my bathing routine. I'm glad that this soap not only passed my expectations but exceeded it.

There more information about this soap on this link.

I definitely recommend this soap to ANYONE especially to those who are into anything organic, sensitive to mass produced soaps and soap enthusiast (like me!).

Find more interesting Organic SkinCare at Venus&Mars08.
I'm not sure if they do international shipping but i think it can be arranged.

much love,

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