Spotted: Quorum at the Bar

Bar Exams, i mean...

no need to look at this but if you wish to learn a little bit about me then browse away.

There is one thing that i love about being a law student... that is being with my girls, Quorum and Bar Operations with them. :)

This year, we stayed at Diamond Hotel, Manila.

For Q, Bar operations are not only for service of our beautiful barristers but it is also time to par-teyhhhh!!! :)

(click specific photo to enlarge)

c'est moi with my girls.. :)

the elders, new officers and qbies sporting our Qjackets

uber lovely B, QP's, Elder D

moi with the Qp's and moi with the Qbies

N and B; HP and the bf, T and the bf

elders? you?? for real? these the elders still partying with the Qs even when they are already A-T-T-Y-.

where the majority rules.


view from our Hotel room

sunday is my best day

view from our hotel room

suite life...

Unfortunately, i will only be able to attend the first and last sunday... :( bummer i know... but i have 2 very good reasons. :) watch out!

much love,

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