Reader Question: Ellana Foundation Formula

Question: Are there any difference in the color of Premium Blend and Intensive Formula Foundation shades?

Here's a photo of the difference of the Ellana Intensive Coverage Formula from the Premium Blend.

Both are applied with one swipe.

Notice that the Premium Blend is a bit lighter. But no major discrepancies in the color since when i apply either, they both blend on my skin really well and no noticeable color differences on the face. :) Notice as well how heavy the coverage of the Intensive with just one swipe.

swatch: Hazelnut Latte in Premium Blend(left) and Intensive Coverage(right)

I am not quite sure if this is the same with the other foundation shades since i only got the intensive formula in Hazelnut Latte.

Question: Where can I buy Ellana?

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics are Available Here--> Click me.

Hope this helps, everyone!

much love,

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