Product Review | Palmolive Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Cream Conditioner

There's a reason why our hair is called our crowing glory. Your hair frames your face and a wrong cut can just really accentuate some unflattering parts of your face. Not to mention that if your hair type is coarse of too think, when cut short, managing it can be a pain.

Now that my hair is not at its best... meaning that I don't like my cut (another post for another day 😔), my hair needs more attention that it used to. Like a sick pup needing extra love and care from her momma. My new cut sadly aggravates my hair's frizziness so I have to blow-dry it almost everyday before I leave the house. The cut is way too short that if left to air-dry, it will surely poof out giving me an appearance as if I have a helmet head.

I'm just so glad I get to take care of it using Palmolive Intensive Shampoo and Cream Conditioner. Times like this, you'd think I'd have to do a shopping spree for expensive hair care products that will help me control the situation but I'm not. I know Palmolive's got my back.

It is such an awesome shampoo and conditioner combo because
not only does the sweet fruity smell puts me in a great, both really does its job to give me smooth, frizz-free hair ALL DAY! I've tried and tested that coco cream and milk protein makes my hair feel softer and smoother everyday.

I admit that it's not a complete miracle worker and but the hydration it provides my hair makes it less frizzy. My hair is easier to style and it's not as damaged even when I blow dry everyday. I was used to expensive shampoos like Kerastase, Yves Rocher and even salon-grade hair care before I started using this but I personally think Palmolive Shampoo and Conditioner can match them. It actually reminds me a lot of TIGI that I feel they are one and the same!

I also noticed that my hair feels bouncier and people are surprised to know that my hair has gone through a lot of ordeal (coloring, rebonding etc.) because it hardly show any signs of damage!

My hair before!

My hair now! Huhuhuhu!

Even if my cut is not the best for my face shape, I am happy that my hair feels soft and silky. Making it easier for me to style and leave it alone if I want to.

shiny hair all day!

My hair looks super nice and soft even after a whole day of events, shoots and even being subjected to heat from styling. 

If you're on budget, do try the Palmolive Intensive Shampoo and Conditioner right now. If you're like me who want to try it before you buy it, re-stocked on it!!

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