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Who thought that looking green would be this beautiful? I didn't!

I had such a wonderful time watching the transformation of Elphaba during the MAC Greening Event held at MAC Glorietta 3 a week ago. I've always been a fan of Wicked the musical and I was in awe with how they do Elphaba's makep. It seemed so tedious and complex! And seriously, why would you want to be green for a whole production and even a season of plays!

Well, it's love for the art indeed and if your makeup is done by a skilled artist using MAC's renowned products. Why not, right?

MAC Cosmetics Philippines hosted this gathering to showcase its products and how proud they are to be the official makeup sponsor of Wicked the musical. With Wicked's Head of wigs and makeup, Kelly Ritchie, she showed us in less than hour how to do Elphaba's makeup using selected MAC products. Understudy, Ali Cadler, was the model and Steve Danielsen who plays the character of Fiyero was the host.

Many was in awe and slacked-jawed as Kelly worked her skills on Ali, using MAC's famous Chromacake in Lanscape Green. After which she used a transparent loose powder to set the makeup. But it doesn't end there. To bring back dimension to the face, Kelly contoured Ali's face using Purple Haze eyeshadow which amazed all of us. Of course it made sense that if you have a green skin, your contour should be in purple! This almost completed the look but Kelly wasn't done, she loaded up her brush with Carbon to contour Ali's eyes.

It's not really about applying makeup to do a makeup but redefining her face to achieve a believable Eplphaba look. After applying a black lipstick topped off with a green pigment, reshaping her brows and coating the lashes with mascara, in front of us stood Elphaba! The whole look was met with applause!

What I learned? Kelly informed us that to keep the makeup lasting, we just need a loose powder and lots of it. In between acts, she would be armed with this and brush to retouch just to keep the green makeup in place. Chromacakes are known for it's vibrancy and once it's set, it usually stays put. But a loose powder always helps to keep lasting especially on a busy night.

Ali shared her experience as well taking off her Elphaba makeup by washing her face thoroughly after removing it with a makeup remover. She also shares that the loose powder gets into everywhere, from your eyes, nose and throat. Which she said, could be troublesome for her throat. But you gotta do what you gotta do especially when you love going it. 

When asked if it the heavy makeup bothers her, she replied that she has gotten use to it that it feels like skin to her already. To a point that during rehearsal people are shocked not to see her green.

Can you imagine being this green on a regular basis? I surely can't! But it looks fun and I wouldn't mind doing this look for costume party or during Halloween. :) But for the meantime, MAC Philippines Makeup Artist, Noel Nocillado shares a wearable Wicked-inspired makeup look that will definitely look good on us. :) 

It's a simple smokey eye makeup look using select makeup products. :)

Perhaps you can use this look while watching Wicked!

Photo courtesy of Wicked
Photo courtesy of Wicked

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