Colgate Optic White Beauty Sessions With Solenn

Beauty is really relative. One doesn't have to have the right face shape, a sleek figure, or the perfect skin to be beautiful. For me, it’s always about enhancing your best features and making it glow. And sometimes, with just a smile, you can be beautiful.

I attended the Colgate Optic White Beauty Sessions at SM Megamall. As you all know, the product is being endorsed by one of Manila’s hottest and most sought after multi-tasking stars, Solenn Heusaff.

For a day, SM Megamall Beauty Section shoppers were given the chance to be made over by Solenn herself, who prior to becoming the star she is now, was also a makeup artist. Two lucky shoppers of Colgate Optic White were chosen and were transformed from  plain Janes to two beautiful young ladies.

The first makeover was a “no makeup” makeup look for a teenage girl. This makeup look suits many of us ladies who prefer to look natural. A little fixing of the brows, a touch of blush and lipstick, and we’re good to go. Solenn added a few touches and shared her trick to looking fresh without piling on too much makeup; contouring your face with a bronzer and adding false lashes to open up the eyes.

The other makeover was an evening makeup look with smokey eyes for a young woman. Solenn advised that smokey eyes don’t mean just putting on a plain black shadow. We can play around with the colors and work it until we see what appeals to us. To really take it to the next level, she applied eyeliner to the lids and applied false lashes. She advised to coat the lashes with mascara - this makes the false lashes appear more natural. Play up the face???? of your face and contour.

The girls looked incredible afterwards especially when they flashed their Colgate Optic White smiles.

Aside from giving a makeover, Solenn also  gave the crowd several beauty tips and how-to’s, which I as a beauty blogger, found them very interesting . Here are some of the tips that I learned from the event;

  1. How to properly groom eyebrows
  2. Where to put the blush for a healthier glow
  3. A faster way to create a smokey eye  look.
  4. That a perfect smile with whiter teeth can enhance our look, that makeup can be optional!

Solenn doesn’t  consider makeup as her only tool in keeping herself pretty at all times. Colgate Optic White gives her a bright smile because of its Whitening Accelerators that has dual system of silica (great for stain removal) and pyrophosphates (prevents stain). That in just one week, our teeth could be one shade whighter! See,  just by brushing your teeth you are already improving and enhacing the way you look -- a simple beauty trick we all can do! No need for special skills!

As the beauty session ended, we learned that by simple act of using the Colgate Optic White regimen (toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash) daily, you’re sure to get teeth that’s one shade whiter, after just 1 week!

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