Product Review: Bobbi Brown Long-wear Even Finish Compact Foundation

I love doing before and after photos. Not only does it bring out how great a product is and shows that I'm not afraid with how I truly look, it's also liberating. Definitely lessens the expectation for a beauty blogger to be always at her best.

I'm a regular woman, I cry at the sappiest commercials and sometimes, I prefer to go out without my makeup on. Bobbi Brown is right, confidence is everything. I feel secure in my own skin. I don't mind when people see my acne marks or when I have cystic acne. I've already come to accept that it's a part of me, my gene and my monthly hormonal haywire. And I've become comfortable with it. And when you feel good on the outside, the rest automatically follows. 

But for days that I need to look presentable, Bobbi Brown's right again on that account, a little makeup certainly wouldn't hurt. 

In comes what I think is a genius product from the popular Bobbi Brown Long-Wear collection, the new Long-wear Even Finish Compact Foundation. Same formulation as their Long-wear Even Finish Liquid Foundation but became a lot more handy in a cream formulation.

I've loved cream formulation for quite awhile but nothing seems to have caught my attention save for this brand and this brand that I've tried in the past. It took a while for me to find a nice that meets my needs as makeup enthusiast who suffer from oily skin and acne.

I use a wedge sponge because I'm saving the round sponge that comes with it. So Pinoy of me. LOL!
It's definitely lives up to it's namesake Long-wear Even Finish. First, it properly evens out my skin tone thanks to its medium coverage. Then it stays put for a few hours once I set it with my favorite Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Powder. Oil control is also impressive, even if I think I'm oily, it doesn't seem to be so obvious. Rather it looks as if my face is dewy. And despite the good coverage, I barely felt it on my skin. It's lightweight and it lets my skin breathe. Don't top it off too much with powder or use a heavy coverage powder foundation lest you won't feel how light the cream compact foundation.

I got the Warm Beige as it matches my skin the best. We have to remember that Bobbi Brown's foundation matches a lot of skin tones as it contains a more yellow undertones that many women have. Looking for the perfect shade is an easy feat.

And who wouldn't love the travel-easy compact? That's one of the reason why I love cream-based foundation. No worries with spillage which is a major + for the suddenly-travel-lover like me. :)

Overall, it's Bobbi Brown.. almost anything she comes up with, I love and this foundation is no exception. I'm a big fan of her foundations and that's for a reason, she's an expert on it. If you're looking for that flawless-like-a-makeup-artist-did-your-makeup look, then get this one. I really have no bad thing to say about this. :)

That's it! Next Bobbi Brown review will be about the Long-Wear Gel Liner. :) Watch out for it!

Find out more about the Bobbi Brown Long-wear Even Finish Compact Foundation, visit their facebook page.

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