When Was The Last Time You Used Laura Mercier Cosmetics?

Another great artist that I admire is Laura Mercier, her application of art into makeup artistry is truly inspiring. Her color theory is amazing. How she comes up with every collection makes me feel that I still need to learn more about this form of art. And having perfected the flawless face has earned her rightful place in every women's vanity in the world.

The last product I used is her Creme Smooth Lip Colour. One of the best lipstick I've tried if you ask me. It has a way of getting more intense the longer you use it and it doesn't cause dryness. It's the best, I tell you. Another is their tinted moisturizer, a good one despite my oily skin.

This summer she is yet coming up with a new collection. But allow me to show you some that I saw during last year's Art Deco Holiday Collection. From the most usable and well-put palettes, to the new limited edition cosmetics and bath and body products.

One of the best selection of brush set I've seen, Laura's Signature Brush Collection.

Mini Lip Glace Collection

The Art Deco Collection for Holiday 2012!

Creme Smooth Lip Colour

Laura Mercier Body and Bath Collection and Candles.
These are love!

If you have a chance to grab them today, then by all means! Don't forget to grab a lipstick or two and the eyeshadows. They are my favorite.

As always, a makeup event is not done right when their talented artiste will not show off his skills and make a model prettier than she already is. :)

Get your favorite Laura Mercier and her latest collection today at your favorite Rustan's Department Store. :)

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  1. I've never actually followed through in ordering anything from Laura Mercier! I've always been so tempted to try their concealer as well as the tinted moisturizer though!

  2. i would love to use it

  3. Katie Kate Mendoza23/2/13 11:23 PM

    Hi Ms. Shen, any idea how much the brush collection is? The brushes are really nice.

  4. I would love to have those Laura Mercier products. :D Thankyou Ms.Shen for this review. Nice photographs! <3


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