Picky Tummy: IHOP Philippines at The Fort, Taguig

The boyfriend and I decided to hit Manila's latest hot spot, IHOP (International House of Pancakes). Having been introduced to this place through some of the shows I watched and of course, people I know from the States who compares it to our own, Pancake House.

We visited IHOP at 7:30 a.m. and got seated right around 8 a.m. Not too bad of a wait since it was their second day of opening.

Review will start not with the food but with the service. Watching Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen and my current favorite Kitchen Nightmares, I've learned that the reception area is vital in making a restaurant a success. I believe that IHOP relies on the fact that they are currently a hype right now that they have allowed their frontliner to fall behind the service. I only speak from experience but I didn't like at all how agitated and frequently consulting each other the two girls were when we came in and asked to be seated.

It wasn't how I wished to start my day, especially having had no food in my system. I was irritated to put it mildly. And I wasn't alone. There were several patrons who I observed were disappointed with how the two receptionists handled the seating reservation.

But I didn't want that to ruin my day. Base on the photos and reviews of a lot renowned food bloggers, the food are must try. 

But was it? 

Located at the second floor (right above California Pizza Kitchen), we took the stairs and was seated at one of the booth fronting the parking lot.

You'll be greeted by a tray of different kinds of syrups, which looks yummy! Which Syrup flavor are?

And now for the food.

Since I couldn't decide what to get, I got Split Decision Breakfast (Php325) which included two pieces of French Toast, Pancakes, bacon, sausage and two eggs.

I ordered the New York Cheesecake Pancakes.

Here's the tiny sausage.. Tastes like McDo's Sausage McMuffin sandwhich.

And the skinny bacon... Oh, God, It's pitiful. Sniff!

The verdict? It's okay! I sincerely believe that I can make better breakfast at a fraction of the cost. Even the pancakes didn't taste as great as I thought it would. I mean, it's pancake, it shouldn't be difficult to make it. I hate it airy and this one was. It reminds me of those free breakfast a semi-posh hotels in Manila. It's good coz it's a free kind of meal.

Above it the BF's order, the Quick Two-egg Breakfast, which he ranks 7 out of 10. He said that it was just so-so and that he's tasted better breakfast meals.

Thank God for the syrup! It saved my French Toast big time!

The coffee is great though. At about Php125 or so, it's refillable. The BF particularly likes this because he loves coffee.

The only few things I love about IHOP is the fact that it's situated at The Fort, Taguig and that they have great floor service. Our server was vigilant (given that it was a busy morning). The African American lady who I think is from the IHOP US who was nice enough to offer to take our picture. And quite honestly, I would only go back and eat another plate of their meal because of her. She reminds me of my aunt who is always so accommodating.

Another reason would be because of the syrups. I LOVE THEM ALL! From Blueberry, Strawberry, Butter Pecan and my favorite, Old Fashioned. I want them in all my breakfast meals!

I wish they'd improve on the bacon and sausage. They're tiny! The eggs were great, they got my specification down to a T and I'm grateful for that.

Their New York Cheesecake Buttermilk Pancake though didn't pan out for me. :( Maybe, need to try out a different flavor next time.

I'm not sure if it's just me but I expected more. I think I have to explore the menu further and see what IHOP yet has to offer my picky tummy.


Have you tried IHOP? What did you get? Need new recos for what to order next! :)

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  1. u8mypinkcookies24/2/13 7:08 AM

    Cinn-a-stack pancakes:)

  2. They should really improve with the bacon and the sausage. I should try this soon coz I really love breakfast meals. But I won't expect that much. Thanks for the review, Ms. Shen. :)

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  4. You're right, the bacon looks pathetic! Haha! I wish they'd offer better, fatter bacon.

  5. Beta Parker25/2/13 6:28 PM

    Valuable post thanks for sharing great blog post!! Great job...

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  6. Looks so sad.. about the same as the IHOPs in the US except I think it might even be a step above the ones here! I've gotten food poisoning from the IHOP in California because I believe they microwave some of their foods.. like the eggs and stuff which is why they come out so fast.

  7. As a blogger, please be discerning enough and not use such potentially derogatory terms such as "the BLACK lady who I think..." Kindly learn to use proper terms and grammar as you might offend some sensibilities. Thank you :)

  8. Aww! Really?? My dad said the Pancake House is much better. LOL!

  9. I haven't been there and I'm pretty excited to try the resto. Thanks for your posts. I'm now learning to not-expect-much...

  10. maybe you ordered the wrong food.. i love ihop here in states. whenever my family from PI visits us this is the place to go.. we also get the colorado omelette, or chicken omelette.. and also crepe for dessert.. seasoned fries are also good.. i never tried the sausage and plain sunny side up because i can make it at home.. try menus that you can't cook at home lol but i hope your next exp will be great.. try also the caramel hot chocolate! one of my favs!! :)

  11. McDonald's pancakes tastes better than their buttermilk pancakes. There was some bitter aftertaste to it. We also ordered the chocolate milkshake and my 8year old daughter make better shakes. I guess we wont be coming back anytime soon.


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