Pixel Pro Endless Summer Sale | Get a camera for as low as Php4,792

If you've been saving all your money for the right time to buy the best camera for beauty blogging or to up your game in taking good photos of your makeup and skin care, then this is probably the right time. Summer is such a great time to buy a camera and start polishing your photography skills. The longers days allows you to practice taking photos under the sunlight, the best lighting source if you ask me.
Before buying DSLR camera, I started with a point and shoot Sony that my aunt gave me during Summer vacation. It was one of the most enlightening time for me. I learned how great shots were taken using natural sunlight.

Pixel Pro has great promos this Summer, aptly entitled Endless Summer, and they've got great promos for some of the most coveted and well-recommended point and shoot and demi-DSLR cameras in the market. From Canon S110 (Php24,000), Lumix LX7 (Php16,280) and in my wishlist, Canon Powershot GX1 (Php35,600).

Aside from that, they've got cameras on sale for as low as Php4,792 (Samsung ST77). Take a look at the photo posters here for your next camera.

My recommendation is get Samsung NX200 for only Php22,570 with Free 4GB!

Aside from that you get a free Monopod for every point and shoot camera priced at Php12,000 and up! Take your game a level higher and start vlogging!

Happy shopping!! :)

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  1. Katie Kate Mendoza23/2/13 11:29 PM

    I'm tempted to get the Sony TX-20. I always want to have an underwater camera. Would you know until when is the sale? Thank you sooooo much for sharing this. :)


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