Smart Rocket Chic Plug-it Now is Php1000 off! | Tech Tuesday

Hear ye! Hear ye! My fellow beauty geeks, our favorite broadband provider has great news. The cute and aptly designed Smart Bro Rocket Chic Plug-it is on SALE!

From Php2345, it's now only Php1,
345! That's like Php1000, practically another pair of shoes or a new foundation!

If you've been hearing my rants online, then you know how much I hate low signal, lack or it or flunctuations. That is why i'm always on a look out for something that will help me stay connected.

Introduced by SmartBro Function and fashion meet with the Smart Bro Rocket Chic! Enjoy speeds of up to 12 Mbps so you can surf the net for shopping and style faster than ever! Full speed fashion ahead with over 1,500 HSPA+ sites nationwide.

Definitely right up my alley!  Nothing like a hot pink (almost fuchsia) shade to attract ladies who loves lipsticks.

Here's the box that it comes with. Nice, right?

Assembling it isn't so hard either. It's quite easy actually. I just remove the cover and slide the sim right in. Viola, instant connection.

I can't believe that it was just a few years ago, these things didn't exist. There were no cheap laptops and we queued waiting for our turn on the next computer. Now a wispy device gets a speed of up to 12mbps. Being idle is definitely not a choice anymore. With how fast everything is, it's important to stay on top of things.

So if you ask me how I get to work and still manage to blog? Here's a good answer. I am always online. :)

So go get your own SmartBro RocketChic and start making your time count! :)

Visit their website for more information:

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