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Stem Cell has been around for nearly decade but given how small the practice of this treatment here in Philippines is along with the high price tag that accompanies it, only the rich and famous can afford to have this kind of treatment.

Quite recently, Stem Cell is finally made available for everyone. Thanks to the ingenious mind of Flawles CEO, Ruby Gan who is always on a look out for the best best thing and making it her mission to have it within ach by every Filipina. Come in simple 3-set skin care line. A facial foam, day cream and the night serum.

But what is Stem Cell anyway? If this is the first thing you're reading about this treatment, it's another anti-aging procedure. Stem cells are what they call undeffiriented cells that helps our preexisting cells rebuild and also create new ones. As you all know as we age, our cells deteriote and it along with the production of collagen. Hence, our skin looking dull and lifeless and we are more prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

And the mission of every beauty cosmeceuticals is to create that one product line that helps regenerate our cells. In comes Stem Cell research which is not only used for aesthetic purposes. Like many other scientific discoveries there is, Scientist stumble upon the regenerating properties of stem cell for a mwore altruistic purpose. But give that it can make us look younger, then they started developing it as an anti-aging treatment.

Can you believe that it comes from a very rare genus of apple? Yes, the wonder of Stem Cell treatment comes from a fruit that has the same properties as human stem cells. Works just as great and without sacrficing huma stem cells.

Endorsed by no other than the fierce and fabulous, Divine Lee. Despite having grown with a silver spoon, this diva knows that not everything should be expensive. Being independent has made her discerning before making a purchase. Her busy lifestyle has also made her prone to aging faster, all with her 24/7 schedule as host, model and blogger. That's why she isn't taking any chance and uses Flawless Stem Cell Line. A great move for her as her career needs her glowing and looking fab all the time.

When using an anti-aging skin care, you don't track it by your age. You track it through your lifestyle and better yet, check the state of your skin. And if you see that your skin is looking worst as the days go by, then it's probably hight time to look into as skin care line that targets your specific skin concerns. Go go glow and use the new Flawless Skin Care Line.

I personally like that it doesn't come in complicated steps. You can still use your toner and  eye cream when you start with this line. Although I am not yet that in a rush to start with a complete anti-aging line, I'm still taming down my acne and trying to renew my skin with pretty hardcore peeling stuff, I am glad to have this on hand.

Interested with the new Flawless Stem Cell Line? :)

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  1. i always see divine lee's billboard of this in edsa! nakaka-intriga this whole stem cell thing! HAHA :P

  2. Being a biology major, as far as I know stem cells are parent cells that may come from bone marrow and umbilical cord of new born babies. Stem cells help the body to recover and it can be also used to treat various diseases. The use of stem cell is innovating and is now used in beauty products. :D


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