Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Benetton's Newest Body Mist Collection

When was the last time you used a body mist?

I know most girls reading this blog is almost within the same age range as I am (late 20's) and remember the days that Victoria Secret and Bath and Body colognes well all the rage! Everyone should have one! I know I went and braved Greenhills mad hours just to get my hands on Cherry Blossoms and Love Spell!

But times a changing and despite the fact that I love these two brands to in my youth, I do not go for fads anymore. I prefer to find my own style especially when it comes to my perfumes and EDT's. That same goes for my Body Mists.

Personally, I am the type of girl who uses body mists everyday... but I'm not willing to settle for less.

In comes Benetton's New Body Mists! High time I say since Benetton is known for believing individuality and that no matter what color your skin is, you matter. You got to admit that the reason you loved UCB is because they are the first brand to have Asian models on their ads and it made them relatable to us Filipinas.

And with a collection of Body Mists inspired by different parts of the world, I believe that this brand just came full circle.

My Picks...

Going by the scents that I like, I was totally happy with the countries that each scent was inspired from.

Energizing Pitanga is inspired by the lush and tropical country of Brazil. UCB describes is as the scent sends you an energizing Brazilian shot and makes you light the exciting fire of Pitanga.

Top notes are Cardamom, Blossom, Najanjilla
Heart notes are Freesia, Jasmine and Pitanga
Dry notes Milky Musk, Nectar of Wood and Vanilla

Appealing Lily reminds me indeed of France with all it's sophistication and sensuality. UCB describes it as the fragrance recalls the Lily of the valley and transports you in the fresh woods of France.

Top notes are Bergamot, Green Leaves, and Redcurrant
Heart Notes are Lilu of the Valley, Pitosporum
Dry notes Benzon Siam, Cotton Musk, Exotic Sandalwood

And this for only Php499.95 for 250ml! 

Are you a fan of body mists? Let me know! Comment below! :)

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kmmyp said...

I might go again and take another sniff of the other mists. :)

Katie Gee said...

Is this available at all Benetton stores? BHS branch is near our home...

Natalie said...

Energizing Pitanga looks cool to me as I am using a soap for the same but this might be an alternative to me for the same.

skipzsangalang said...

i would love to have my own scent of UCB's body mist! thanks for the review... :)

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