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Disclaimer: This post is not beauty-related. If you are religious, I advise you not to read this post as it may irk you. I am just putting my thoughts out there because I feel that I need to voice it out and I don't mean to offend any faith or religions.

The New Normal
I just love how bad-ass God is represented in the new series, The New Normal. I agree with Father Mike on how he sees God. We both agree that God do not test us or judge us in order to feel that we are worthy to be in His people. He's a kind God but discerning in my opinion. I started reading the Bible again lately and have been immersing myself with His words.

But truthfully, I believe that my God is compassionate enough to understand that I am not as strong as He is and that He appreciates the efforts that I try my damnest best to be okay. I hate it when people say "Ayaw ni God yan.." (God won't like the way you're acting.) I think my God is interactive enough and strong enough to take questions that was brought on out of anger, like why did He allowed my Mom to die or why can't my BF or friends understand me. Although the bible says differently, just look at the Book of Jeremiah, there is part where God shows that He is open to change. And don't get me started with Samuel...

Having experience anger Himself, I think Jesus knows that it is an emotion brought on by caring and loving something or someone. He felt that when the people disrespected His Father's house. He got mad and showed it, too.And He was still able to join God in the Heavens. At least that's how I see and understand it base from all my years of Catholic School and more than a decade of Bible Study. 

To this very day, I try not ask Him for anything. I talk to Him, yes. But never did I request for Him to take away the pain, to help me survive it. In the Holy Bible, everyone clamors for His next words. And I get that. But for me, I like to make Him proud. That I do not have to be told what is the right thing to do. I should know it already. I do not think He wants blind obedience. He gave us His Son to save us and I think to set an example for us to follow. Jesus felt suffering, He felt hopeless at some point. He nearly gave up. But He didn't.. and that's what I want to be. Despite the anger, the pain and grudge, I'd rise above it all.

My mom taught me this, "You never have to ask God for anything. Even before you ask, God already knows what you need. Kaya nga siya Dios. Alam niya lahat. And even if He doesn't say anything or that You feel He has forsaken you... God, He never says no. He only asks you to wait... So be patient. When the day comes you deserve it and that's what you do, be deserving, He will give you all that you need."

In other words, Thy Will Be Done. Because the truth is, we will never know what God has in store for us. That's why faith in Him is very important. But we can't sit idly by either. He moves in us and we have to trust that our actions are guided by Him and no one else. 

My favorite passage in the Bible now is this: My Father, if this cup of suffering cannot be taken away unless I drink it, Your will be done.

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  1. Just what I needed. I had to reflect on certain things in my life. Thanks for this inspiring post Ms. Shen. :)

  2. showing this side of you made me love you more Shen. a woman of substance

  3. Thanks for this inspiring post, Ms. Shen. I like what your Mom taught you. That is so true.Be deserving and He will give what you need.

  4. Oh Shen dear! Even if I lean towards things spiritual, I am in no way offended by this post. If at all, I am happy that you are seeking. I firmly believe that as much as people try to figure life out through different modules, the Bible is the ultimate manual. :)

    My prayer is that God will meet you where you are and minister to your heart. <3


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