The Best Anti-Acne Mask | Yves Rocher Pore Clearing Mask (under P500)

Another great discovery last year was the brand, Yves Rocher. Their cosmetic line are amazing. But one that made the most impression is the the Pure System Pore Clearing Mask. It has a way of lessening my pimples like no other! It has salicylic acid coupled with aloe vera to soothe the skin.

I am in love with this mask. I do spot-treatment on my acne because it's that good. And best of all, it takes only 3 minutes and you can already wash them. Though I let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes (which I know is bad since the mask is too strong and dries up the skin).

It's that quick solution whenever I get my period and along with it an army of pimples, cyctic ones. In just 3 to 4 days, those biatches are a goner! That's why this baby made it to the best of 2012! It works, it's cheap and it's amazing! :)

If you're looking for an effective mask to help with your acne, I can definitely vouch for this one. And it's affordable at under Php500. I think this is only Php475 and it lasts awhile!

How I use this:

  • Once a week or every two weeks, depending on how my skin is behaving.
  • Spot treatment in case there's a cystic acne that's abou to pop up.

You can get this at any Yves Rocher boutiques. :) Check out their Facebook page, they have all the branches there. :)

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  1. thanksfor thereview what are theingredients?

  2. thanks for sharing this. I will try this one too. May I ask on how you use it as a spot treatment. Do you apply it before or after you moisturize?

  3. Hi Bagel, i spot treat after washing the face. i apply a smal amount on my cystic pimples. wait 3 minutes then i wash it off. then proceed with toner and moisturizer. :)


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