No Regrowth, Only Self-Growth for 2013 | Hair Color at BenchFix Salon SM Hypermart Pasig

Given that I have my locks curled out to welcome the new year, I think my hair deserves a color as well. My regrowth is really bad and though I don't advise to get your hair colored so soon after a digiperm, I did it anyway.

During the weekend, I visited Bench Fix Salon at Sm Hypermart Pasig and seeked out Renan for a desperate need of hair coloring. He's been my stylist and colorist for I think 3 years now and I told him I wanted a darker hair. Not too dark but just enough to make my locks less blonde. I went in at around 6:30 PM....

Bidding my regrowth adieu! Renan's assistant for that day was really funny and very caring. I notice that most  junior stylist at BenchFix have happy dispositions. :)

It's cooking! I'm not sure what color this is but I think it's a 6 or one the lightest. I'll ask him again and repost it here. Renan made sure that my previous colors (which about 2 or 3 different shades already would blend well). 

First he applied .6 on my roots to get rid the regrowth part, leaving out the rest of the hair.
Second: After 10 to 15 minutes he mixed in .5 shade and applied to the rest of my ha. 5  is a shade tad darker than my previous hair color. It will tone down the blondeness of my hair. Given the state of my tips, he didn't let the color stay on for long to prevent further hair damage.
My hair was then emulsified and rinsed.

L'oreal Majirel Hair Color system was used for my hair.

And by quarter to 8 in the evening... :)

Hair is still a blonde... but more of a light brunette shade.

That's Renan in the background!

Here is it in low lighting

This hair color cost Php1650 + tips. :)

Renan's experience and the fact that he knows my hair history never fails to give me a fabulous result. I always get compliments when I go and get my hair colored from his capable hands and of his assistants. 

Bench Fix Salon is definitely that budget-friendly salon one can go to for days that they need to look their best. Since most high end salons can charge up to Php5,000, BenchFix definitely has a following for men and women who wants to look glam with the high price tag.

My hair of course is a lot coarser and drier given that I've mistreated it with chemical processes. No matter how good your stylist is, chemical is chemical anpi    p0o;zd it will damage your hair no matter. I laugh at girls who want to get their hair colored but can't take the dryness. It comes with package, baby. You just have to leave it with or do something about it.

Since I love to compromise, treatment is really important. I don't think I'll ever go back to my original hair color and with that I have to suffer color retouching and further damaging my hair. That's why I arm myself with good products and at-home and salon treatments to minimize and salvage my hair.

I use Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Line (all of it is contains NO SLS), Kerastase Chroma Captive shampoo, Keratase Chroma Richesse Hair Mask and Kerastase Elixir Ultime to keep my color vibrant.

For young girls who want to get their hair colored, please make sure that you have your parents permission. Also save up money for good but inexpensive hair products that are meant for colour-treated hair. Go for a natural looking color if your school have policies against adventurous colored hair. Looking good do come with a responsibility so be sure that you're up for it before getting anything done. :)

For my FOTD, I went for a simple look for my salon day.

Products used:
Snoe Beauty Let it B Wasa B Cream
The Body Shop All-in-One Face Base
Majoica Majorda Puff De Cheek Blush
K Palette Real Lasting Liner 24H
Majolica Majorca Brow and Lash Colorist
ELF Lip Stain in Red

So, how do you like my new hair? :)

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  1. Super bagay sayo ng new hair color mo! So fresh! :D

  2. Wow super affordable. If I can only go there and just tell him, "I want Ms. Shen's hair color" haha. But it's too far from where I live. What color name is that shade Ms. Shen? I really wanna know please? Thank you! ^_^

  3. JennyAustria8/1/13 7:58 PM

    i love the hair color!

  4. Jamie Panganiban9/1/13 4:36 AM

    ganda naman! looks great on you ate shen :)

  5. gorgeous! i like! went well with your waves! <3


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